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Award Acceptance Letter

Congratulations on winning an award. Are you planning to write an award acceptance letter? Here we will guide you for the same.


Writing an award acceptance letter is a difficult task, because you need to sound formal, but should not sound too professional in it. You need to mention your excitement for winning the award, but you need not look needy through your letter.

Before starting your letter, you need to determine the contents and format for the same. It will help you to maintain a flow in your letter.

Mention the address of the recipient clearly, in detail. Do not forget to mention the date on which the letter is written.

You need to mention your acceptance as well as your gratitude for selecting you for the award in the first paragraph of your letter. Your acceptance should be clear and precise.

In the second paragraph of your letter, you need to mention your efforts in your field. Try to ensure the fact that you deserve the award. Thank the people who helped you to reach your destination.

End your letter by thanking the recipient again. Use 'Sincerely' and 'faithfully', because it is a formal letter. Put your signature below that along with the date on which a letter is written.

Following is an award acceptance letter template.

Let us assume that Sara Wilson is writing an award acceptance letter to XYZ International academy for selecting her to accept an award:

Sara Wilson
22, East,
Xxxx Street,
Xxxx City,
Xxxx Country

February 14, 2011

Mike Donald
XYZ International academy
Xxxx City,
Xxxx Country

Dear Mr Donald,

I received your letter stating, I got selected for Xxxx award (Name of award). I accept the award and am grateful to you for selecting me for this award. It is a dream of every artist to get this award for his contributions.

I am honored to accept this prestigious award. I have been working hard to improve my skills and reach the perfection since my childhood. My family and friends always supported me through this over the years.

I assure you the consistent performance over the years. Thank you once again for choosing me to accept this award. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Signature of Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson
February 14, 2011

The award acceptance letter will help you to be thankful for selecting you for the award and it will create your good impression that you are someone who is down to earth.

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