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Bid Acceptance Letter

What is a bid acceptance letter? Have you ever conducted bidding for conferring a contract? Bidding is a process usually used by government agencies. Bidding is a system to confer a contract, where all the interested participants offer their products or services at specific a price confidentially to the company who is conducting bidding. Then, the company, which is conducting biding selects the best offer and sends the bid acceptance letter to the company, whose offer gets selected.


If you want to write a bid acceptance letter, we will help you with some guidelines and a sample bid acceptance letter here. Following are some guidelines:

  • Mention the name and address of both the companies in detail, so that there is no confusion about the address so that the letter is delivered on time to the correct address.
  • You should convey your acceptance for the offer clearly to the recipient and congratulate him for the same.
  • State the terms and conditions, which you feel are essential for the business relations
  • Provide your contact details in the letter for further communication
  • Close your letter with "Sincerely" or "faithfully"
  • Keep your letter to the point and maintain the formal tone
  • Do not use fancy fonts or highlight the words in your letter because it looks awkward.
  • Address your letter to the person by his/her name
  • Put your signature at the end of the letter

An example of a bid acceptance letter is provided below.

Kelly had sent a bid application to John. Both these companies had previous business relations. Let us assume that John is writing a bid acceptance letter to Kelly:

John Green
Blue Ribbon Pvt. Ltd
Chief Executive Officer
Xxxx City
Xxxx Country

3rd February 2011

Kelly Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Red Bird Pvt. Ltd.
Xxxx City
Xxxx Country

Dear Ms Kelly Brown,

We are pleased to inform you that your bid dated xx-xx-xxxx (Date) for supplying Xxxx (Product) to our company at Xxxx(Location) for $ Xxxx(amount) has been accepted. We had previously accepted your bid dated xx-xx-xxxx (Date) of Xxxx(Product name and quantity). We are expecting the same quality and service standards from your company.

According to the terms in the bid, we are expecting the delivery of the products no later than xx-xx-xxxx(Product delivery date). The terms of payment would be as per the bid. You would get the payment, after we receive the quality check report of your products.

Please let us know a convenient time for meeting to sign the legal agreement. You can contact us on the company's landline number - 000-0000000 or you can contact us on email -

We are looking forward to work with you.

Signature of John Green
John Green
Blue Ribbon Pvt. Ltd
Chief Executive Officer

We hope the above mentioned letter and tips will help you in writing your bid acceptance letter. Bid acceptance letter is a formal letter and it should be written in a professional manner. You need to write every formal letter very carefully to make sure that you have not missed out any vital detail. So it is better to proofread your formal letter before sending it.

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