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Child Support Agreement Letter

When a couple gets a divorce, it is a very painful process, especially when there are children involved in it. In such a case, a parent, especially the wife asks her ex-spouse to pay her some amount of money to assume that responsibility. A child support agreement letter gives the details regarding the payments that one parent will assume, and it also states the duties of the responsibilities of the parent who will take care of the child.


This letter usually allows the recipient of the payment to continue receiving the payments till the time the kids are old enough to take care of themselves. The agreements can be made by mutual agreement between the couples or can also be done so by a court order. The terms and conditions of a child support agreement letter is usually laid down by a parent who has custody of the child and seeks financial help from the other parent.

This letter ensures that if the parent, who is supposed to take care of the child, has sufficient funds to take care of the child. The lawyers or the court can also lay down the terms in case the payee violates the terms of the contract. The letter also eliminates any confusion regarding the payments that will be received by the parent who will raise the child.

The following letter has been sent from a father to outline the terms and conditions of the payments that he is supposed to make after his divorce.

18th Westside Apartments,
23rd Norway Street,
20th Avenue,
New York,
NY 650047

Date: 21/05/11

Ms. Felicity Samuel,
32nd Park Street,
2nd Avenue,
New York City,
NY 670025.

Dear Ms. Samuel,

The court order legally separated us as husband and wife. However, being the father of the child, I would like to make an agreement regarding the child support of our child, as directed by the court. The following are the highlights of the agreement:

  • I agree to pay $__ per month for extending monetary help for the upbringing of our child, Ryan.
  • I shall be allowed to spend one day every week with our child. The court has allowed me to take him out of New York City premises. If the duration exceeds one, day, then I shall seek written permission from you to do so.
  • The payment for child support will not be increased for the next four years. This payment shall be made till the time Ryan turns 18 years old.
  • The payment for the child support program shall start from 01 April, 2011.
  • The entire custody of Ryan shall be vested with his mother, that is, Ms. Felicity Samuel. She shall report to the local child support authority to show that that the funds given by the father have been utilized appropriately.
  • In case the local authorities find out that the funds have not been appropriately utilized, they can be withdrawn altogether.

You shall receive the first payment for the child support on the above mentioned date. I wish you good luck for your future endeavors.


Albert James.

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