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Custody Agreement Letter

A custody agreement letter is an agreement between a married couple who have been divorced and want a written document that specifies who shall have the custody of the child, the sharing of duties in the upbringing of the child, the visits that would be allowed to the parent who does not have the custody of the child, financial support and so on.


Such decisions are very difficult to make. However, they are very important. If you come with some sort of reasonable agreement with your spouse, then it is good for the well-being of the kids who also undergo a lot of stress during the divorce process.

Professional Lawyers,
54th Cross Road,
Alaska 50007

Date: 23/04/05

Mr. Louis Stevens,
22nd Midwest Street,
Alaska 520001

Dear Mr. Stevens,

On behalf of our client, Ms. Linda Phillip, your ex-wife, we would like to inform you that as directed by the court our client would like to enter into an agreement regarding the custody of your kids. Kindly sign the document and return it on the address mentioned above.

This agreement, made on the 25th day of May, is between Ms. Linda Phillip (hereafter referred to as mother) and Mr. Louis Stevens (hereafter referred to as father). The two parties agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The two parties, who are the natural parents of the two kids, agree that their kids will remain with the mother, as per the order of the court.

  2. The names of the children are as follows: Sarah Stevens, age 05; George Stevens, age 09.

  3. The mother agrees that the children shall retain their fatherís name, even after their legal separation.

  4. The father shall be granted visits on the following basis:

    • He will be allowed to visit the kids on weekends only. He may take the kids out; however, before taking leave from the mother, the father agrees to notify where he intends to take the kids and the approximate duration of the outing.

    • If the father intends to take the kids out of town, he agrees to seek a written permission from the mother, stating the purpose of the outing and should be in constant touch with their mother.

    • The father of the kids hereby agrees not to take the kids out of Alaska State without the supervision of their mother. If she is unable to accompany them, she can appoint a representative on her behalf to accompany them.

    • If the father takes the kids out during his visits, the cost of the transportation shall be borne by him. He shall also be responsible for their pick up and drop.

  5. If the father wants to visit the kids on weekdays, he may do so with the prior written permission of their mother.

  6. The father agrees that this agreement shall be terminated if he is found to be charged for any criminal offence, or is found to be alcoholic or consuming drugs.

  7. The father also agrees to pay a sum of $__ per month, as per financial help to the mother to take care of the two kids.

This agreement imposes legal binding to the two parties and needs to be renewed every year.

Peter Thomas,
Professional Lawyers.

I agree to the above terms and conditions:
Signature: _____________
Louis Stevens.

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