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Apology Letter

Do you know what the best way to apologize is? To take responsibility of what you have said or done, accept your mistake, and apologize. We know that it is much easier to say than act on this. It is quite difficult to apologize to a person face to face. It is even more difficult to apologize over the phone. In that case you need our help for writing an apology letter.


Writing an apology letter is an art. We shall guide you, not only on how to write an apology letter, but also tell you how to write different types of apology letters to different people. Apology letters can be written to friends, wife, teachers, parents etc. for different reasons. There can be formal apology letters too. We will help you to write the apology letters of all these types.

A very important thing is to address the person by the name which is used commonly. Do not use pet names in the apology letter. Accept your fault and say sorry about whatever happened in the very first line of your letter. It should show your regret about the happening. Avoid blaming the other person about what happened. Respect the person whom you are saying sorry to. But you should not sound sympathetic. Respect yourself too.

Mention the reason and do not let your ego come in a way while doing so. Request the person to accept your apology and forgive you. Complete your letter by stating that you can come up to a fair settlement of the issue. So, you can back up your sorry feeling with good behavior. This will help you to get the other person's sympathy and forgiveness.

Use the samples and tips here and write a good apology letter.

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