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College Appeal Letter Format

A right college appeal letter format would help you to draft an effective appeal letter. An appeal letter to college has to be persuasive in winning an admission, scholarship, or reinstatement or overturning any suspension, and expulsion notice. Since the reasons to write an appeal letter for college are in numbers, let’s create a format that could be for multipurpose appealing.


College Appeal Letter Format

  • Contact Information
    Student’s Name
    ID /Roll Number (if already a part of the college)
    City, State, Zip Code

  • Date

  • Reader’s Information
    Name of the Principal/Chairman
    College Name
    City, State, Zip Code

  • Subject: Appeal letter to reconsider admission rejection /suspension /expulsion /scholarship / concession in fee depending upon the reason of writing

  • Salutation
    Dear Sir/Madam

  • Body of the Letter

    1st Paragraph

    A reader has less time to spare. Hence, you should start the letter by stating the reason of appealing.

    For example, if the reason for appealing is against the rejection of admission application, you should write, “I am writing this letter to appeal against the rejection of my application for admission in your college”.

    Likewise, you can start the letter by stating the appropriate reason of your appeal. You can further elaborate on the reason cited in the rejection letter that you received.

    For example, “The rejection letter clearly states that I have secured lower GPA (Grade Point Average) because of which my application has been denied. I agree with reason given, but it was because I fall sick during the exam. However, I retook the exam and got through well above average”.

    2nd Paragraph

    You can further state how important the admission is for you and why did you choose this college.

    For example, “It has been my dream to study and graduate from your college because of the high standard you have set for teaching. I am also confident that most of the companies would struggle for me once I get a degree from your college. Also, my parents have expected a lot from me and I need to fulfill my duties towards them in becoming an employable person”.

    3rd Paragraph

    Reiterate your appeal and thank the reader for their time. Provide you contact number, in case they need any information.

    For example, “I am desperate to be a part of your college and very much excited about the future prospects. I once again appeal to you for considering my application for admission. I am enclosing my character and recommendation letter for your reference. I am grateful to you for your time in reading this letter”.

  • Closing ‘Yours sincerely’, or ‘Yours truly’.

Basically, this format of a college appeal letter is for general purpose of admission. However, you can use it for any other reason of writing by customizing to your need.

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