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Disability Appeal Letter

Disability is the condition in which someone is not able to use his/her part of the body, or brain properly for any kind of work. It can be due to serious illness or injury. It is the most pathetic experience of life one goes through. One can't even imagine in his wildest dream about becoming disabled and failing to earn his own livelihood.


A short-term disability plan covers any sickness or injury that keeps an individual out of work for a specific period of time. The coverage of these types of plan starts from the day one of the medical conditions and can last up to two years with little or no waiting periods. This type of coverage is provided by the employer for their employees in the employment package. Some insurance companies sell this type of short-term disability policy to their customers.

Long-term disability plan is expensive than short-term, and is very useful under circumstance where you are not able to work for a year, or for life-time. This plan can cover your medical condition starting from two years and up to your retirement or till the end of your life. The long-term disability plan can be bought individually from the insurance company.

However, sometimes even after holding a plan, the insurance company just denies the long-term benefit you are entitled to. Whatever is the reason of denial from the company's point of view, but you can still appeal to it by writing a disability appeal letter.

Disability Appeal Letter Sample

Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number


Recipient Name
Name of the Insurance Company
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Subject: Appeal against denial of disability benefits

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is (insert your name), and I am writing this letter to respond to the denial letter of disability benefits that I received yesterday. My SSN (Social Security Number) is XXXX-14976, and long-term disability policy number is X-124569876.

It was Tuesday, the most unfaithful day of my life, when I met with an accident on my way to the office. It was the same route that I used to take for the last four years of my employment. Just few meters before the office, I was hit by a speeding car. Such was the impact that it flew me like a football at least 10 feet above the ground only to land on my back. The landing on the ground severely damaged my spinal cord. It was only because of my few colleagues help, I was rushed to a nearby hospital. I was unconscious for few hours and when I regained it, the doctor disclosed the most dreaded news of my life - severe damage of my spinal cord.

This accident has made me disabled for my life. I have a family back at home to take care of. My wife is not educated so that she can gain a job and run the home. Moreover, my kids are just five and eight years old. All I can hope for is the long-term disability plan that I hold since my employment. I am enclosing the doctor's statement about my condition. I, therefore, appeal to you to consider my request on whatever ground you think it worth and do the needful. I am thankful for your time and looking forward to a favorable response.

Yours truly,

Your Name

You never know when your life can take a u-turn. It is always better to be prepared for anything the life throws to you. Long-term disability plan is the best option to meet the challenges in case you're permanently disabled.

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