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Grade Appeal Letter

Grades play an important role in getting an admission to college or university of your choice. Grades outline the effort you put into a course in terms of studying, writing papers and completing the projects. It is a clear indication that you know a lot about your course and are serious about your future. Higher grades are something that could ignite your desire to accept something challenging, and it will infuse a sense of confidence in you.


As grades are the benchmark set by all the colleges and universities in judging the student for admission, you still have a chance to compensate for the lower grades by performing to your fullest in the entire standardized admissions test that you are asked to take at the time of admission. Apart from doing well in the tests, you can appeal to the college explaining about the circumstances that made you score low in your exams, provided the reasons are justifying. Circumstance like serious illness, family separation, or any other excusing reasons should be explained thoroughly in your appeal letter.

Grade Appeal Letter Sample

Glenn Raymond
120 Last Street
Anytown, IL A2C 8D3

20 May, 2010

Steward Baldwin
Dean, Academic Division
Nice College
1460 Fast Street, P.O. Box 1679
Newtown, IL N7W 9M2

Subject: Grade Appeal

Dear Sir,

Recently, I have received my marks for second year examination that I took in Political Science. I am appealing to my grade in International Relations (IRND 2005) taught by Professor Smith.

I am appealing my grades on the following grounds. When Mr. Smith started teaching the subject in the mid of the year, we all students got the feeling that he is not the right person to teach this subject. He just used to do the reading from the text-book and never explained any of the questions asked by the students. 'I will tell you later' was the most sorted answer we got for our questions. He was not even capable of giving some examples about what he has taught. As a result, none of the students could understand the subject properly. We tried to bring this matter with the senior professors, and requested them to change Mr. Smith for the subject, or take an extra class by other good professors. However, they too didn't help us because they were aware about Mr. Smith's closeness with one of the political leaders from the Democratic Party.

We all approached the principal and asked for some time to take the exam, but he indicated that it would not be fair. As a result, most of the students got low grades in the exams. I don't know about other students, but I have secured 85% marks in the first-year examinations. I am good at my studies and I feel that the marks are unfair. We are just made to suffer without any faults of us. I would like to have another opportunity to re-write the exam with little guidance from some good professor.

I am waiting for an opportunity of meeting you to discuss this matter further.

Glenn Raymond

It is advisable to resolve the matter with your instructor or chairperson before appealing for the grades. Then submit your appeal to the relevant department dealing with the subject. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome at the department level, and mail your appeal to the higher authority.

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