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Grievance Appeal Letter

Grievance is a complaint or dispute expressing dissatisfaction with anything that you donít agree and due to which you suffer either mentally, physically or financially. Any unfair, unjust or misbehavior that is brought on a person is a grievance for him/her. A grievance can be inflicted from the employer, for whom you are working, or from the company you have purchased some equipment, and they are failing in providing after sales service.


A grievance appeal letter to the employer is written when you have been terminated by the employer unjustifiably, or for poor work performance, excess absenteeism due to illness or injury, or some serious misconduct. The other reason to appeal for is when you find the terms and conditions of your employment changed by the employer, or when you are a victim of discrimination, or other types of harassments on your work field.

Grievance Appeal Letter Sample

Matthew Rodriguez
Machine Operator
Assembly Department

Date: 10 May, 2010

Christopher Hernandez
H. R. Manager
Fine Company Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Hernandez,

I am writing this grievance appeal letter to you to request you to take some necessary justifiable action against Mr. Burke, foreman of the assembly department.

Mr. Burke is making a wrong use of his power just to satisfy his vindictive mind as he holds some personal grudge on me since a year ago. This is simply because I snubbed his sisterís marriage proposal.

Mr. Burke is trying to agitate me in every possible way. Most of the time he has tempered my records in the daily attendance register. He had even made me to wait back after office hours and to do the work, which is not a part of my duty. As a senior to me, I did oblige him. However, he never marked me for overtime payment. I know our company pays the employee who works extra after office hours. This is going on for the last four months and I am never paid for my overtime. This is just few examples of the way he is treating me like. I can explain to you at length when I get an opportunity to meet you in person.

After failing to meet you in person, I have resorted to communicate with you through this grievance appeal letter. I also request you to transfer me to other departments where I can stay away from Mr. Burke.

As the companyís policy is to provide a fair working atmosphere to every single employee, I hope you will arrange a meeting with both of us and come to some conclusion. Please let me know about your proceedings and inform me on ext. 326.

Yours truly,

Mathew Rodriguez

This grievance appeal letter is employment related and it is sent to the senior management to take the appropriate action against any discrimination, or harassment from a senior member of the company. You can also write a grievance appeal letter to a school to complaint against the unhygienic atmosphere of the school, or to complain may be, about the bus driver of the school.

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