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How to Write an Appeal Letter for Financial Aid

A financial aid appeal is a formal written request to have your financial aid package reviewed and increased due to some changes beyond your family control that have occurred after processing of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or that were not reflected in your FAFSA.


If you are experiencing the following hardship and changes in circumstances, then you may appeal for a financial aid.

  • Sudden significant change or drop in family income that may be due to loss of job, disability, retirement or homelessness
  • If you or your parent becomes widowed, separated, or divorced after the filing of FAFSA
  • If any of the medical expenses paid by you that were not covered by insurance and not likely to be covered by insurance in the future
  • Either you or your parents have suffered personal bankruptcy, significant and unexpected disability or medical cost
  • If you are a parent, and you need childcare expenses in order for you to attend classes
  • If you are doing some research, internship, or field study and need additional finance
  • You are unable to bear the transportation cost
  • Any other unavoidable circumstances outside of your control (for example, increase in on-campus boarding costs, expenses related to special education needs of a brother or sister)

If you are facing any of these above situations, then you are eligible to make an appeal for financial aid through writing an appeal letter. Follow the instructions while writing your appeal letter.

Instructions on How to Write an Appeal Letter for Financial Aid

  1. Address your appeal to the concerned person. Call the school and get the name of the head of the financial aid committee. This will make the person feel that you have taken efforts to know about him and how serious you are for the financial aid.
  2. Thank the school for its current offer or financial aid even though it may be a fraction of what you need. In the opening sentence, mention the amount of assistance and thank the committee for their generosity. Include the fact that you are still unable to attend the school as you are not in a position to arrange the remaining portion of the fund needed.
  3. In the next paragraph, explain your condition. This portion is critical as it will allow the financial aid committee to reconsider your appeal. Provide the facts to illustrate your situation. If the school has granted the aid considering your parent's income, explain how insufficient that income is to take care of your educational goals.
  4. Mention the amount the school requires your parents to pay, or have suggested taking out an education loan. Then state the reasons why it is not feasible. It could be a mortgage, home loan, medical bill, etc.
  5. Express the need for a higher financial offer and your inability to attend the school in the absence of the grant. Putting the right word is important. You can write, "I really appreciate your generosity, but I am afraid to let you know that I won't be able to pursue my education, unless my financial aid offer is substantially higher".

These instructions on how to write an appeal letter for financial aid will help you to express your situation that may fetch you an additional financial aid. However, it is totally up to the financial aid committee to deny or approve your request. Just be kind and humble in your letter.

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