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How to Write an Appeal Letter for Parking Ticket

Parking violations are subjected to fines. The traffic officers issue a parking ticket if they find the vehicle parked in no-parking zone or after the stipulated time or date of parking. However, there are instances when you are issued a parking ticket by mistake. If you are confident about contesting the parking ticket, then you must write an appeal letter for parking ticket.


To write an appeal letter for a parking ticket, you need to know the traffic laws. Moreover, it should have the power to convince the authority for waiving the penalty. Furthermore, the format and selection of words are important to win the argument for you.

The appeal letter should be expressed using fewer words and in a way that is easy to understand. It should include all the important facts with absolute addresses, locations and landmarks. If you receive the ticket for parking at the wrong time, you must mention the exact time on the ticket, the actual parked time of your vehicle, the reason to park your vehicle at that particular time and evidences about how you are not wrong in that case. Let the reader know that you are aware of the traffic rules, and you stayed within legal limits and did not contradict the sign. Be confident, but express it in a polite tone on how the traffic officer made a mistake in issuing the ticket.

Instructions on How to Write an Appeal Letter for Parking Ticket

  • Firstly, make sure you appeal within the timescale and send your appeal letter within the discount period
  • Provide your contact information on the top left side of the letter. Date the letter and address the reader either with, Dear Sir or Madam
  • As usual, start the letter with reason for writing. State against what charges you are appealing. Mention about the date and place where the fine was issued. Include under what traffic regulations rules you are challenging the ticket.
  • Include photographic evidence and witness statements that are necessary and could help you to prove your innocence
  • In the end, express your hope to waive the penalty against you in the light of the evidences and thank the reader for their time
  • Sign the letter and send it through registered mail so that the council will not deny about receiving your letter

There are several charges under which a parking ticket is issued. Just follow these instructions of writing an appeal letter for any of those charges. Keep the letter simple and avoid using heavy words and complex constructions in expressing the facts.

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