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How to Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment

Being unemployed is the most difficult period of your life. It not only affects you mentally and financially, but also affects those dependent on you. During this period, you shouldn't get distracted or let emotions take its toll on you. The need is to be focused on your goal. If faced with such a situation, react to it by writing an unemployment appeal letter. However, writing an appeal letter for unemployment is not an easy process.When you are laid-off by the company due to their own good reasons, it is your right to appeal for the unemployment benefit by writing an appeal letter. However, most of the companies are reluctant in providing the unemployment benefit to the employee. In such cases, you have to write an appeal letter to the State Unemployment Board. If they find you eligible as per their set standards, then the benefit can be granted by them. But, for that you need to write them an appeal letter. Find out some instruction on how to write an appeal letter for unemployment.


Instructions on How to Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment

  • Start the letter by writing your contact information on top left side of the letter with date and the receiver's address below it leaving few blank spaces
  • Write the subject of the letter just to give an overall summary of the content to the reader
  • Salutation should be: Dear Sir/Madam or name of the reader
  • Write the reason of appealing in the first paragraph. This will avoid any wastage of time for the reader and the chances of reading your letter further will be more. If your initial request has been denied by the State Employee Board, state the reason of denial and clarify under what ground you feel the denial is not justifiable.
  • There might be a possibility that you are facing a serious problem. Whatever is your plight, mention it in a way that is neither sympathizing nor pleading. Include some instances that have brought you to this situation and explain how important it is for you to get a job.
  • It is very easy for you to get attached with the reader through your writing. That does not mean you have to kneel and beg for their mercy. Your honest and sincere efforts will fetch you the result. If you could provide any photocopy of family's financial status, it is well and good.
  • Conclude the letter by summarizing your appeal for the job and thanking the reader for their valuable time in reading your letter. This is important, since your reader is not an ordinary person and it's your responsibility to thank him no matter whether he favors you or not.
  • Close it with 'Yours Sincerely' or 'Yours faithfully'. Sign it two-three spaces below the closing salutation. Before mailing, check and correct any grammar and spelling mistakes because this would seem very amateurish on the writer's part.

These were the instructions to be followed while writing unemployment appeal letter. Keep the format of the letter business and space-out the paragraph neatly so that it is easy to read and good to see.

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