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Medical Appeal Letter

There are number of instances where you may need to write a medical appeal letter. It could be the towering bill of the hospital, denial of claim by the health insurance company, or simply appealing the hospital authority either to change the line of treatment or furnish you with adequate information on your treatment.


When you as a patient face any of these situations, you should appeal to it by medical appeal letter. This letter is to be addressed to the right person and department to fetch favorable response. You should provide the details of your case study in brief and a reason to appeal for it.

Medical Appeal Letter Sample

Mathew Baldwin
Single Lane, Busy Street
Barrow, AK - 41259
(XXX) 1111 9876

Date: 20 April, 2010

Andrew Brennan
Medical Superintendent
Good Care Hospital
91 Downslide Road
Barrow, AK - 78934

Subject: Medical appeal letter to investigate the case study

Dear Brennan,

My name is Matthew Baldwin and I am a pancreatic cancer patient. I was admitted in your hospital for its treatment for nearly 45 days. My bed number was T-112 of the special care ward and I was discharged on 10 April, 2010.

During my stay in your hospital, I was under Dr. Alex Smith's treatment. From the very first day of my hospitalization, I was injected thrice a day with some costly anti-virus injections. However, this never relieved the itching sensation I experienced constantly throughout my body. After two weeks, Dr. Alex suggested to surgically remove a part of a structure of an organ. This was the critical decision as it needed an experienced hand. Furthermore, it had to be performed without disturbing the mesenteric blood vessels supplying blood to the intestines. Thanks to the medical journal that I read in my spare time.

Finally, the surgery took place on 5 April, 2010. It was informed to me that the tumor has been removed successfully. I had some relief for couple of days. However, the itching sensation started again. I informed Dr. Alex on his visit about the pain I am going through. All he said was, 'it takes time to stop the problem'. I also insisted to extend my hospitalization for few days as it was not possible for me to visit the hospital every week after discharge. However, they didn't surrender to my request and I was finally discharged on 10 April, 2010. Though I am not sure, but I feel that your staff just wanted to make some space for one of your celebrity patient.

Since I am still experiencing the same pain, and am not satisfied with the course of treatment, I appeal to you to look into my case and assign some better doctor than Dr. Alex. I am ready to get hospitalized once again and just need to come out of it trouble-free. Please call me if you need the copy of the treatment for reference.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Mathew Baldwin

Just remember that it is your right to receive proper medical care and you can appeal against it if you feel the treatment given to you is not as per satisfaction. This sample of medical appeal letter will help you to put your words through.

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