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Scholarship Appeal Letter Sample

Scholarship appeal letters are written by students to gain monetary help either from an individual, group of people, or an organization to pursue their study. There are many under privileged students in this world who have talent, but they lack the proper resource to pursue their dreams in their chosen field. To enable such students continue their study, a concept called 'scholarship' was introduced many years ago since the inception of education.


Scholarship appeal letter is written in a business format where the student starts the letter by introducing himself/herself in brief. Then they express their intention of appealing for their desired scholarship program. Further, they include all the grades and marks of their examinations. They try to convince the concerned authority about how and why they deserve the scholarship. A good scholarship appeal letter is the one, which is written in appealing language and motivates the authority to yield for the writer's request.

Scholarship Appeal Letter Sample

John Nelson
2843 Parking Street
Camden, NJ 08152-123

Date: 10 July, 2010

Mr. Chuck Homes
Head of the Education Department
Decent Schools of Economics
Camden, NJ 08152-123

Dear Chuck Homes,

My name is John Nelson, and this summer, I will be completing my higher school education. After going through lots of research work, I couldn't stop myself from choosing your college over others for commerce study. Your college is a specialist when it comes to business study. It is with this intention, I am writing this letter to appeal to you to consider my candidature for scholarship exam, which is going to be held in your college during the first week of September.

The results of my exams are due next week. I will fax you the moment they are out. I am confident of securing above 80% of marks in my exams, and this would make me eligible in applying for the scholarship exam. In order to be well-prepared for the exam, I have already joined classes that would help me out. One of our class teachers, Mr. Tim Farrell has helped me in knowing more about your college and teaching style. The guidance from Mr. Tim has fueled my interest in achieving a degree from your college. It is my aim to create a niche for myself in the business world, and your college is the perfect destination in that attempt.

I am enclosing photocopies of my academic achievements along with this letter. It is out of sheer desperation that I am appealing to you before the declaration of the result. I know there must be students in thousands vying for an admission in your college. However, I can assure you that I will be the best among them and bring the further good name to your college by my hard work and dedication.

Yours truly,

John Nelson

This sample of a scholarship appeal letter shows the desperation of a student to continue his studies from a particular college. It also tells the reader what the college would achieve in granting a scholarship to the writer.

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