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Termination Appeal Letter

Employment is a must to earn a livelihood for oneself and one's family. When you work in an organization, you should follow the rules and regulations laid down for your employment. This can be anything from performance, official mannerism, punctuality, sincerity, work ethics, etc. Following all these concepts help the company to achieve its target and create a good working atmosphere.


Employee is not terminated without any prior verbal or written intimation. Only if they still do not adhere to the company's policy, the employer takes such a step. However, sometimes a wrongful termination can be brought on the employee. If you are faced with such types of cases, then you can raise your voice through an appeal letter.

Your Name
Employee Code Number


Reader Name
Human Resource Department
Name of the Company

Subject: Termination appeal

Dear (reader name),

My name is (insert name), and I am working as an electrician in this company for last four-year. The reason to write this letter is to appeal against the termination notice I received yesterday from your department, which discussed about my poor performance.

Right through the day one of my employment, I have never given any chance to complain, be it my superior, or people below my grade. I enjoy my job and have performed every single duty assigned to me with much care and responsibility. My supervisor, Mr. John Hawkins is very satisfied with the job performance. I somehow couldn't understand on what basis, and on which record you have cited the reason of poor performance. Furthermore, I have been punctual and never remain absent from last eighteen months at a stretch.

I am responsible for the wiring of the production department. If my performance was not good, then I would not have been saddled with this responsibility, at first place knowing the importance of productivity of this department. Just six months ago, I received a certificate award for my punctuality and good work. I fail to understand what changes in this time span lead to issuance of my termination.

I sincerely believe that there is a serious error in interpreting my record, or it just can't be mine, but somebody else's. I am enclosing my performance record for last twelve months with my supervisor's approval for your reference. I request you to arrange a personal meeting and allow me an opportunity to discuss this matter at length with you.

As per the company's corrective action policy, and a chance to hear the employee's grievance, I, therefore, appeal to you to reconsider your decision. This job means a lot to me, since I am the only earning member of my family.

Yours truly,

(Your Name)

Appealing for a reconsideration of termination is a lengthy process. First, go through the company's manual and get informed about the appealing process. If your company is having a union, approach them and discuss the situation. Otherwise, consult an attorney in absence of any union and seek their advice.

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