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Appointment Letter for Accountant

Accountants keep a track of company's money. That's why, they are very important for the company. Their appointment is a very critical task for the company. An appointment letter for an accountant is written with proper care and it should mention all details of the job. Many pages can be found on the internet, which specifies the information to be included in an appointment letter. This page provided here could be very beneficial to you if you want to write an impressive letter.


Here are few tips to write an appointment letter for accountant:

  • Date has to be mentioned at the top of the letter.
  • The appointment letter needs to address the new joinee at the left hand side of the appointment letter. The full name should be followed by the address.
  • The company's letterhead should be used to write an appointment letter.
  • You start the letter by writing, "Dear", followed by the name of the recipient.
  • The body of the letter needs to specify all the details regarding the job opportunity offered. The details include the job designation, responsibilities of the job and the salary structure.
  • The responsibilities of the job have to be mentioned in detail. Every candidate should know his responsibilities before joining the company.
  • If there is any training at the joining time, it has to be mentioned clearly in the letter.
  • You should not use complex words in the letter, which are difficult for the reader to understand.
  • The professional fonts should be used. The font size should not be too large or too small. The font size and font type should be same throughout the letter.
  • The letter should not contain any spelling and grammatical errors. If a professional letter contains silly errors like spellings and grammar, it usually has bad impression on the candidates about the company.
  • The closure of the letter should contain sincerely and a comma, followed by the employer's name.
  • The letter should be drafted in a positive tone so that the candidate feels comfortable in joining the company.

Here is a sample appointment letter for accountant:

May 20, 2010

John Penn
ABC Consultancy Ltd.
Dallas, Texas

Bryan Young
123 Apartments, South Street
New York, USA

Dear Mr. Young,

I am pleased to confirm you to join our company from June 1, 2010 for the position of Senior Accountant. Your salary structure would be:

  • For the first three months, you will be under probation. During this period, you will be given 3,000$ per month.
  • After the completion of training, you will be receiving 40,000$ per year and you will be eligible for all the benefits like medical insurance, HRA, TA, DA and all the other company's benefits.

The job responsibilities and the terms and conditions of the company are enclosed with this letter. To accept this offer, please sign the letter and send it back to us.

We are happy to have you as a part of our team and look forward to work with you.

John Penn

This sample appointment letter for accountant can be helpful to write your resume. You can follow these tips and write an impressive resume of your own.

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