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Doctor Appointment Letter

There are times when you are looking for a specialist doctor in a particular field. You might be finding the doctor for yourself or for your close ones. The doctors who specialize in some field and are expert in their field are very busy nowadays. It is a good option to write a doctor appointment letter to appoint a doctor to treat your medical condition. Several sample appointment letters can be referred over the internet. This paper can be highly useful if you want to write an impressive letter.


Here are few points which should be followed to write your doctor appointment letter:

  • You should introduce yourself and the patient, if patient is someone else. You can mention why you have decided to write to this particular doctor.
  • You can state the medical condition of the patient in the next section. You should give a brief description of the illness and past medication details. You can also state the previous doctor you have consulted, if any. You should not hide anything from the doctor. All the details should be mentioned clearly.
  • You should present the current condition of the patient in the next section and request the doctor to take the case in his hands.
  • You can include the date you would like to meet or ask the doctor to reply with a date when he is available.
  • You can also include the details of other members who will be present at the meeting accompanying the patient.
  • It is nice to mention your contact information in the letter. This can help the doctor to contact you immediately. The contact information can be your personal e-mail address or phone number.

Here is a sample doctor appointment letter:

Date: July 3, 2010

Dr. Juan Powell,
Eastwood Clinic
Texas, USA

Dear Dr. Powell,

First of all, I apologize for writing this letter without your prior consent. My mother has been diagnosed with throat cancer. I have read about your research on throat cancer and surgical expertise. I write this letter with the hope that you are the person who can help me.

My mother, Julianne, was diagnosed with stage IIA throat cancer in May 2005. At that time, she underwent an operation to remove the tumor at ABC hospital in XYZ town. The doctor at that time said that the operation was successful. My mother was fine for 2 years. Recently, my mother again complained of pain in her throat. When we examined it, the doctors confirmed that the throat cancer is in its advanced stage.

I read your recent work with a clinical trial and I come to know about your expertise in the field of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

I can understand that many such requests come to your desk daily but your guidance into this matter will be highly appreciated by my family

Thank you, in advance, for your help. I look forward to meet you personally and discuss the condition in detail.

Joe Frasier

Above doctor appointment letter gives all the information regarding how to specify all the details. You can customize the above letter to write your letter of appointment.

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