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Agent Authorization Letter

Agents are the people, firm, agency that acts for, or is in place of others from whom they get an authority to carry the work assigned to them. You may find agents in professional and government offices. For every type of work, you need to have an agent. They can help you in getting a job, pushing your files in some government office, securing a driving license, passport, visa, etc.


To authorize an agent to transact certain legal business on your behalf, you have to give the power of attorney to the agent. It is a legal document that gives the power to the agent to act on your behalf in whatever matter you specify in the power of attorney document. By giving the power of attorney, you can be sure that the assigned work is been taken care of even in your absence. There are many instances where you can authorize an agent to act for you. It can be your tax related issue, property issue, or to collect information from any of the government departments, making financial decisions, health care decisions, etc.

Nowadays, most of the people are sorting help of the agents for the property related matters. They can sign the real estate documents when you cannot be present in person for the transactions if you have given them the power of attorney. Another area where you can authorize an agent to act for you is when you are out of the country on a job and you need someone to handle your banking transaction and other legal matters.

An agent authorization letter should include the name of the person, or the title holder of the property, the address and description of the property the agent is authorized to take decisions for. The name, address, license number of the agent authorized to act for the property. It should mention about the authority the agent is authorized to carry out. The letter should carry some identification such as driving license, social security number for both the agent and principal. Lastly, the letter should carry the seal and signature of the notary.

Agent Authorization Letter Sample

Ruth D. Hanson
1065 N Aviation Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-621
(310) XXX-6081

15 December, 2010

To whomsoever it may concern:

This letter it to authorize Mr. Ronnie Camden, from XYX Real Estate Company, located at 8308 Fenway Road, Manhattan Beach, CA, to act on my behalf as an agent for all types of transaction relating to the below mentioned property.

  • A 400 square feet single storey apartment
  • 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room
  • located at 6258 Amesbury Street
  • clear title - no mortgage, loan, etc.

This letter gives Ronnie Camden the authority to make an assessment of the property, to review and prepare legal documents, and taxation for the property, to request and examine any confidential records and to communicate with the Office of Tax and Revenue Department.

Please find the stamp and signature of the notary attested below to authenticate for this letter.

Ruth D. Hanson

When you are authorization an agent for property related matter, it is compulsory to get it notarized from a notary. The letter must include the signature and seal of the notary with the notary's commission number. He should also mention the expiry date of his/her commission and the state's name from where he is commissioned.

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