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Authorization Letter Bank Account

Bank is a financial institute, where you can open an account and manage your money as per your needs. There are different types of accounts that you can hold in a bank. The most common among those are saving accounts and checking accounts. Let's see some of the aspects of the saving account.


Saving accounts are opened for depositing and withdrawing money from the account. You can deposit your money in this account anytime you wish, or when you have cash in your hand. To open this account, you should deposit a certain amount with the bank which differs among banks. Holding a saving account doesn't give you a high rate of interest as compare to other accounts. Saving accounts are helpful in case of emergency as there is no restriction on withdrawing money from this account. The only condition of this account is to maintain a minimum balance required by the bank.

As we are talking about saving account, let's find the reason to write an authorization for this type of account. You may need to write an authorization letter to open an account, close an account, release your account information to other party, or transfer the money from your account. When you have taken a loan, you can authorize the bank to debit the monthly EMI (Equal Monthly Installments) from your saving account.

Authorization Letter Bank Account (1)

Dandre Thorsen
4001 E Garden Grove Blvd
Orange, CA 92868-4821
(714) XXX-2782

20 October, 2010

Amparo H. Taylor
Honest Bank
7010 Barnhart Plain
Cupertino, CA 95014-5239

Subject: Authorization to close account

Dear Taylor,

My name is Dandre Thorsen, and I have been your saving account customer for last seven years. The reason to write this letter is to authorize you to close my saving account (SL-1245789654) of your bank as I will be relocating in Chicago from 5 November, 2010.

You are requested to transfer the balance amount with any interest accrued to my new saving account with Fidelity Bank Pvt. Ltd.

The details of my new account are:

    Name: Dandre Thorsen
    Saving Account Number: PL-547896325
    Bank: Fidelity Bank Pvt. Ltd.
    Branch: Chicago

Please contact me if you need any assistance in fulfilling the formality for closing the saving account.

Yours sincerely,
Dandre Thorsen

Authorization Letter Bank Account (2)

Amber S. Beck
1242 Fairyland Drive
Houston, TX 77066-3241
(281) XXX-7859

10 January, 2011

Vickie M. Pappas
Branch Manager
The Bank of People
3607 Hillside Lane
Houston, TX 77066-3241

Subject: Authorization to debit account

Dear Pappas,

I have taken a personal loan of $15,000/- from your bank. I am paying the regular monthly EMI of $700/- through cheque.

Since it is impossible for me to drop a cheque every month in your branch before the due date, I request you to debit the said amount from my saving account of your bank on the due date. The saving account number is XL-12478596.

This letter will give you the authority to do the needful and debit my saving account for $700/- every month. This authorization letter will be in effect till further written notice.

Yours faithfully,
Amber S. Beck

As we have spoken about saving account only, these samples of authorization letter for bank account will help you to authorize the bank for any reason relating to the saving account.

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