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Authorization Letter for a Project Study

When you are in a school or college, you have to undertake any type project as part of your academic evaluation. It can be anything from conducting a research about the number of crimes going in and around your society, a research about the water purification plant of the city, or preparing a report about a flood-affected area. Doing a project study and completing it successfully helps you to prove your mettle as a professional in the future.


When you want to conduct a project study, you have to take a permission of the concerned person where you want to complete the project. If you are looking forward to conducting a study in a college, you need to write to the principal requesting their permission. To grant the permission, the principal has to write an authorization letter to allow you to conduct the study. By receiving an authorization letter, you get the official permission to carry your study.

When you are a part of the management in a company, business students may approach you to request your permission to conduct their project in your company. When you write an authorization letter to give them permission, you should write it clearly without creating any confusion or misunderstanding. You should explain about the limitations that the students should not cross it. The letter should clearly indicate the date, time and venue the students are authorized to conduct the study or report. It should set the time frame about the completion of the project and overall the letter should be brief and in a formal tone.

Sample of Authorization Letter for a Project Study

Cheri E. Figueroa
Manager - Human Resources

17 September, 2010

Oliver J. Whitacre
3050 Aetna Way
San Jose, CA 95121-2040

Subject: Authorization letter for a project on time management

Dear Oliver,

I would like to congratulate you and inform you that the higher management has accepted your request and you are authorized to conduct a study on time management in our company. We understand that the purpose of the project is purely for study purpose, and the company has the right to take action against the printing and distribution of the report to the third party.

You can start your project study from this coming Monday, i.e. 22 September, 2010. The company timings are from morning 9:00 to evening 6:00. It is also expected from you that you will not damage any of the company's property while you study. You will be receiving full cooperation from the office staff.

This authority will last for a period of twenty days from the date of issuance. If you have any questions, call me during office hours at my number.

Cheri E. Figueroa

It is always good to do some project work to increase your knowledge and gain some on field experiences. When you as a student want to do your project work, you should write a request letter to the human resource department of the company in which you want to complete your project. The request letter should be persuasive to impress the management. You should include the reason to take the project, the benefit you will get from it, and the reason to choose that particular company. If the request letter is impressive enough, then you are sure to receive an authorization letter for a project study like the sample granting you the permission.

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