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Authorization Letter for Bank Statement

A bank statement is the reports send to the bank's customers providing information about the transaction done through the bank for a specified period of time. It provides information about the customer's debit and credit on their account. A bank statement also provides the current interest rate, annual percentage gained on their account and fees assessed for services, such as a demand draft, transfer of money, etc.


When you hold an account in a bank, the bank sends you a statement of your account to verify and keep a track of your account. Receiving a bank statement enables the customers to know how and where their accounts stand. It is one of the fair banking practices adopted by most of the bank to inform the customer about the credit and debit holdings. By sending a bank statement to the customers, the bank allows them to raise their concern in case the customers find any error in the statement. The period to file the complaint lasts for six months from the date of the statement issued.

When you have an account in a bank, you will receive a monthly bank statement by the bank through emails or posts. Most of the banks still follow the old-practice of issuing a bank statement drawn either quarterly or half-yearly. If your bank is one of them and when you need a bank statement before the issuing period, for some reason, you need to inform the bank by making a call or visiting them personally.

However, sometimes due to some personal problem, or busy schedule you are not able to collect the statement personally. In such a situation, you may authorize someone to collect the statement on your behalf from the bank by writing an authorization letter. The letter should be written to the head of the department of that particular account you are in need of the statement. It should mention the type of account you hold and give the number of the account.

Further, the authorization letter should give information about the person collecting the statement on your behalf. You may also express your no-objection in case the collection of the statement needs the authorized person to sign the documents. It is compulsory that you provide evidence to identify the authorized person. Otherwise, the bank may not know who the right person is.

Sample of Authorization Letter for Bank Statement

Stone Jace
7054 Edinger Avenue
Huntington Beach
, CA 91475-3505
(714) XXX-4785

10 November, 2010

Robert P. Ahner
All Purpose Bank
4024 West Leavitt Street
Chicago, IL 60624-7324

Subject: Authorization letter for bank statement

Dear Ahner,

I am holding a current account in your bank (Current Account Number XX-1245789). I need my bank statement from July to October, 2010 as I am applying for a loan in a nationalized bank.

As I am not in a condition to come personally to collect the statement, I am hereby authorizing my friend, Jonathan L. Kohlmeier to collect the same on my behalf. I also confirm I have no objection in case Jonathan needs to sign any document relating to the statement on my behalf.

I have attached some papers along with this letter that could serve Jonathan's identification. I will appreciate your action in releasing the statement to Jonathan. I am reachable at the above given number if any question arises.

Yours sincerely,
Stone Jace

If you are unable to collect the bank statement on your own, this sample letter to the bank will help you to authorize someone to collect it for you.

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