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Authorization Letter for Claiming Documents

Documents are categorized into two categories: a) private and b) public. It acts as a draft or proof of something that exists legally. Without documents, you can't claim your assertion. Documents help to strengthen your assertion and prove that you are worthy. Any personal papers, memos or letters are examples of the documents.


It is not easy to define documents in few simple steps. The types and list of documents are varied and long. The content and objective of the document vary depending on its objective. A document that gives information about the rules and regulations led down for the society to adhere to by the law commission may be different than the documents that are recorded to report some event. The usage of the documents too differs from individual, government, organizations and corporations. A good document is the one, which communicates information and answers a set of question effectively.

Since personal documents are all about secret and confidential information, the person having relation with the document is only allowed to have access or lay a claim on the document. This way no one could forge with the document. However, the circumstances sometimes don't allow the person to claim the documents by himself.

If you are the one who couldn't claim your documents on your own, you can authorize any person of your choice to claim for the documents through the authorization letter. The documents could be anything relating to your bank, medical, insurance or even school. You can authorize someone to claim for anything you have a legal right to.

When you are writing authorization letter for claiming documents, you should write the name of the person authorized and what relation do you have with that person. The authorized person may need to sign some document while claiming. You should mention that you don't have any objection of the person signing the letter. Once the person signs an acknowledgement for the documents received, you should express that the office will not be held responsible if the person fails to deliver the documents to you in the letter.

Authorization Letter for Claiming Documents

Robin Kipling
3015 East Greenway Road
Phoenix, AZ 85053-380
(602) XXX-2337
20 January, 2010

Sylvia G. Witt
Accounts Manager
753 Stillwater Avenue, Suite 5
Phoenix, AZ 85154-382

Subject: Authorization for my official documents

Dear Witt,

I have purchased an insurance policy for my vehicle from your company, and I need to collect the documents for the same from your office. However, as I am busy with my official touring, I won't be able to come personally and collect it.

I, therefore, authorize Ms. Susan A. Caggiano, my colleague to claim the documents on my behalf from your office. The vehicle insurance policy number is L-XXXX 1245 7985.

I also confirm that I have no objection for Ms. Susan signing any relevant documents on my behalf. I also understand that once the acknowledgement receipt is signed for the documents by the authorized person, it will be my responsibility if case of non-deliverance of the said documents.

Yours sincerely,
Robin Kipling

Assigning responsibility to someone is a matter of risk. If you are familiar with the person and have faith on him/her, then this sample of authorization letter for claiming documents is for you.

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