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Authorization Letter for Collection

Authorization letter for collection is written to appoint person, firm or agency to collect money from the debtors when they fail to respond to the initial correspondences done by the creditors. On the other hand, it can be written to designate someone to collect your important papers which you can't collect it on your own due to some reason.


When you are running a business or lending money on interest to someone, there is a possibility of not receiving the money in time. You will have to write several collection letters to remind the debtors about the payment they need to pay. When the debtors or defaulters don't respond to all of your initial correspondences, you are forced to appoint a collection agency to collect money on your behalf.

The authorization letter for collection should clearly include the name of the collection agency appointed to collect the amount. It should state the amount the debtor is supposed to pay. If there is any clause in the contract that attracts interest for not paying in time, you should give reference that particular clause and add the accumulated interest to the principle amount.

When you are writing an authorization letter for someone to collect your papers, you should address it to the right person. The letter should include the type of paper you are authorizing the person to collect. It could be anything related to you bank, insurance, medical or some academic or professional papers.

Authorization Letter for Collection (1)

Mikel Eaddy
One-Stop Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
1100 Garden Grove Blvd, Apartment 26
Garden Grove, CA 92844-3307
(714) XXX-2838

10 February, 2010

Brogan Earnest
1-Click Graphic Pvt. Ltd.
1204, Parkway Street, Kings Complex, 2nd Floor
10 East 33rd St, Hall No. 1221
New York, NY 10001-3306

Subject: Authorization Letter for Collection

Dear Earnest,

Since you failed to yield to my repeated request to pay the $1200 amounts for the servicing and refilling of the printer's cartridges, I am forced to write you this letter.

This letter is to intimate you that I have to authorize SuperFast Collection Agency on One-Stop Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. behalf to collect the said amount from you.

You are also supposed to add additional 15% interest to the principle amount as late fee payment that we agreed during our contract.

I have provided all your information to Mr. Thomas Gregory of SuperFast Agency. Any further communication may be diverted to him at (651) XXX-7431.

Yours sincerely,
Mikel Eaddy

Authorization Letter for Collection (2)

Hugh Babak
4600 Widestreet Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92703-1219
(714) XXX-6203

20 December, 2010

Pearl L. Hall
Trident Bank Ltd.
3050 South 40th Street
Pennsauken, NJ 08109-2021

Subject: Authorization letter for collecting cheque

Dear Hall,

I, the undersigned, Hugh Babak, am a current account holder of your bank. My current account number is CL-1245789632. This letter is to authorize my wife, Julia Babak to a collect cheque book for my current account on my behalf as I will be out of station for business purpose.

As identification, I am enclosing a photocopy of my wife's passport and a sample of her signature.

Yours sincerely,
Hugh Babak

These samples of authorization letters are written each to authorize a collection agency to collect the money, and to assign the wife to collect a cheque book on writer's behalf. If you need to write the letter for any of these reasons, use it by customizing it as per your need.

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