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Authorization Letter for Pick Up

When you are not able to pick up your documents personally being busy in other activities, you can authorize someone to pick it up for you. You can do it by writing an authorization letter and naming the person to pick up the documents for you. The documents can be anything from admission letter, diploma, certificate, passport, photos, videos, package, payment or even a vehicle driving license.


When you are assigning someone to pick up your academic documents, you should write the authorization letter to the head of the department. The letter should state what type of document you are authorizing the person to pick it up for you. It should include the name, address and identification of the authorized person. The same thing goes for designating someone to pick up your personal belongings like photos, videos, package, etc. For picking up vehicle from the traffic department, the letter should include the name of the vehicle, the registration number, model and make of the year.

Sample of Authorization Letter for Pick Up (1)

Gregory E. Willis
6258 Amesbury St
San Diego, CA 92114-6717
(619) XXX-5690

15 March, 2011

Recipient Name
Principal/Head of the Academic Department
School Name
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Authorization letter to pick up diploma

Dear (reader's name),

I, the undersigned have completed my diploma course in economics from your school for 2009-2010 program. I need to pick up my diploma, but as I slipped away from my bike and sustained injuries on my right leg, I am not in a position to pick it up personally.

I, therefore, authorize my brother, Bluto E. Willis to pick up the diploma from your office for me. My student ID number is XX-124587.

In confirmation of this letter, I am attesting my signature along with my brother's for your verification. If you need further clarification about the identification of bearer of this letter, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Gregory E. Willis

Sample of Authorization Letter for Pick Up (2)

Linda J. Freeman
10 Wall Street
Burlington, MA 01605-2458
(781) XXX-4711

10 February, 2010

Jonathan Rivera
Accounts Manager
XYZ Insurance Company
Garden Lane, Beach Drive
Burlington, Ma 01605-2450

Subject: Authorization letter to pick up cheque

Dear Rivera,

As directed by your stated policy requiring the written statement in allowing someone to pick up documents, I, Jonathan Rivera, hereby authorize my son, Jackie Rivera to pick up my cheque from your office on my behalf. He is also authorized to sign the acknowledgement receipt for the same.

Any needed identification will be provided by him at the time of picking up the cheque.

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Rivera

These samples of authorization letters for pick up are written to authorize someone to pick up diploma and cheque. If you are looking forward to authorizing any of your known people to pick up something for you, use any of these samples and use it by adding and deleting text as appropriate.

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