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Authorization Letter for Transcript of Records

A transcript is an official record of the classes that a student has taken and the grades that he or she has received. It may also contain the information about the number of students in the class and the average grade of the class. An academic transcript record is needed when the student changes the school due to the shifting of the parents, or when he/she is applying for an admission in some college. More often, the school in which the student is seeking an admission demands the transcript of records to check the student's worthiness before giving admission. A transcript of records is prepared and sent by the issuing school attesting the school's stamp and signature of the official.


No school or college is allowed to pass any academic records or personal information of the student, unless obtaining a prior authorization letter from the students. Releasing and accessing of educational information is prohibited under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). It is for this reason that a student has to write an authorization letter that allows the school to release the student's academic records.

The authorization letter for a transcript of records is written to head of the academic department. Writing the letter gives permission to the school to release the student's information to whoever's name appears on the letter. The letter should contain the name of the authorized person claiming the transcript of records. Sometimes, the letter can direct the school to release the information to the concerned college or university the student is seeking admission in. This will authorize the college or university to order the transcript of record on your behalf.

The letter of authorization should carry full name, date of a birth, and social security number of the student. If you are writing to authorize someone to collect your transcript, you should identify the person, and give the reason for not collecting it personally.

Sample of Authorization Letter for Transcript of Records

Shannon Babcock
5240 South Foothill Street
Philadelphia, PA 18125-2610
(215) XXX-4795

10 July, 2010

Head of the Academic Department
Mercy School
554 S Bond Street
Anaheim, CA 92805-4823

Subject: Authorization letter to claim for transcript of record

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Shannon Babcock, and I have recently completed my high school studies from your school. I am writing this letter to authorize my brother, Jack Babcock to claim my transcript of records on my behalf.

I am presently out of the country, and I need the transcript of records to get an admission in one of the colleges of economics in London. I am attaching my valid IDs and student information for your reference. You can also find enclosed a photocopy of my brother's driving license and a passport.

I would appreciate your cooperation to my brother in this regards.

Yours sincerely,
Shannon Babcock

An academic transcript record is an important document and plays a crucial role in a student's life. It is needed when students try to get admission in a college or university of their choice.

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