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Authorization Letter Sample for School

One of the purposes of an authorization letter is to release personal information to group, organization of any individual whose name appears on the authorization letter. When we talk about an authorization letter, we immediately recall four main types of letters. The foremost and often needed is the releasing of the medical information either to the health care institute for treatment, or to the insurance company for claim purpose. When a person is not satisfied with the treatment received from one doctor, and wants to change a physician, he has to write an authorization letter to the doctor to release his medical information to the new physician. Such type of authorization includes the patient's name, medical history, and details of the treatment given by the previous physician. The second one is to release financial information to bank, credit-card companies, or to any other financial institute. The bank may need it to check the financial status and the credit rating of an individual before granting the loans. The third one is for releasing information to the lawyer to help fight any law-suits. The last one is to release the student's records.


Authorization letter for school is written when a student needs his academic transcript for admission in college or university. An authorization letter allows the school to release the student's academic records to the college or university. When the school is arranging a trip for the students, they need an authorization letter from the parents confirming their approval, and giving permission to the school to take their child for a trip.

Authorization letter for school should state the type of record the student wants. It can be the transcript, certificate, testimonial, etc. The letter should mention the name of the person authorized to collect the record with proper identification such as photocopy of a driving license, passport, and a sample of signature. It is acceptable if the student states their unavailability to collect the record personally.

Authorization Letter Sample for School

Burt Lindsay
North Avenue, Kingston Road
Chicago, IL 45124-78965
(651) XXXX - 4526

5 June, 2010

Bruce Reed
Head of the Academic Department
Angels School
102 Parkway, South End Drive
Chicago, IL 65478-1236

Dear Sir,

I, Burt Lindsay, was a former student of your school for Mass Communication and Journalism program, 2005 - 2008.

I am writing this letter to authorize my brother, Peter Lindsay to claim my award certificate and the testimonial on my behalf. This letter will allow Peter Lindsay to acknowledge the receipt of the required documents.

I also confirm that the school will not be held responsible if the documents are not delivered to me by the authorized person.

I am enclosing a photocopy of Peter's driving license, and a sample signature to prove his identification. You can also find attached a photocopy of my Identity Card.

I request you to consider this authorization letter and do the needful.

Yours faithfully,
Burt Lindsay

When writing an authorization letter for school, be specific in providing your details and the type of documents you need. The letter should not hold the school responsible, in case the documents are not delivered to you by the named person.

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