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Authorization Letter Template

Authorization is meant for many purposes. It is a legal document that empowers someone on your behalf to carry out your legal, business, and other transaction. For example, you may write an authorization letter to allow someone to carry out social function within your premises. Alternatively, you may have to write an authorization letter to attain a court-hearing case, important meetings, gathering, etc. on your company's behalf. The need to write an authorization letter is endless.


Authorization Letter Template

The same age-old principle of business letter format is applicable in writing authorization letter.

  • Contact Information
    Your Name
    City, State, Zip Code
    Contact Number
    You can add your designation if you are writing the letter on a company's letterhead. In that situation there won't be any need to write the Contact Information, since it is already printed on the letterhead.
  • Date
  • Reader's Information
    Name of the Bank/Hospital/Insurance Company/School
    City, State, Zip Code
    This section will depend on whom you are dealing with.
  • Subject: Optional
  • Salutation
    Address the reader by their first and last name. In case you have to deal with a number of people, you can write 'To whomsoever it may concern'.
  • Body of the Letter

      1st Paragraph
      The starting of the letter is important. It should identify the writer and the person authorized. It must tell the reader what they have to do. In short, it should tell the person for what purpose they are been authorized for. Again, it should be relevant to the purpose of writing.

      For example, "I, Jeff Martinez, hereby authorize Mr. Kenneth Lee to attain all the court-hearing cases running in the County Case on our company, ABC Filters Pvt. Ltd. behalf. Mr. Lee will take the decision on his own in consultation with our company's lawyer. He is also authorized to sign all the legal documents. Any information pertaining to the cases should be directed to Mr. Kenneth Lee".

      The start of this paragraph will be different if you are writing for a personal purpose. Say you want to allow a gardener to enter your house for some gardening work. If so, you may write, "I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Mr. XYZ to carry out the gardening work at my house from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm during the weekend".

      2nd Paragraph
      This section should state clearly what the privileges and task the person authorized will carry out.

      For example, "I am giving this permission to Mr. Jeff Martinez to attain the following court-hearing cases: a) Any Labor Law issues b) Industrial Act issues c) Land-acquisition cases, and d) Accidental or Death Cases. This authorization is valid from August 1, 2008 to 31st December, 2010".

      For the gardening purpose as stated above, this paragraph would read, "This authorization stands only for gardening purpose and damages to any personal property would be accounted for".

  • Closing
    Choose whatever Salutation you are comfortable with, and don't forget to sign it otherwise it will not be considered as legal.

Basically, this template of an authorization letter can be used for all the other purposes of authorization. The letter just needs to be simple, clear and short.

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