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Authorization Letter to Act on my Behalf

Authorization letter is written to give permission to someone to act on the writer's behalf, especially when the writer is over-burdened with work load, or he/she is away from the office for some business work. This way, a person can stay back assured that the business is not going to get a setback in his absence. As assigning a responsibility to someone to act on your behalf is a risky affair, you should first judge the person whom you prefer to act on your behalf.


On the personal ground, you can write an authorization letter to any of your family members to act on your behalf in taking decisions with your banking, or insurance related matters. If you are working in an organization and busy with your schedule, you can assign your responsibility to someone you trust who ca act on your behalf and take all the important decisions and steps in your absence. Writing an authorization letter to act on your behalf means the person authorized has the power to act as per his/her will.

When you are authorizing someone to act on your behalf, you should clearly mention the activities the assignee has to carry. It should carry the proper identification of the person with some evidence that could show the party that the bearer of the letter is indeed the assigned person. The letter should clearly state what are the powers assigned to him/her and what is the validity of the authorization. A sample letter below will guide you through.

Authorization Letter to Act on my Behalf (1)

Sarah Butler
6288 Amesbury Street
San Diego, CA - 41235-7845
(851) XXX-7436

10 May, 2010

Timothy Foster
Lifelong Insurance Pvt. Ltd.
3895 Low Street
San Diego, CA - 325478-1362

Dear Timothy Foster,

I, Sarah Butler, hereby authorize my brother, Kurt Butler to pay my monthly policy premium on my behalf as I will be out-of-town for a month.

I am enclosing a photocopy of Kurt's driving license, and signature specimen needed for his identification.

This authorization will exist till further written notice from me. You can contact me in case you need any clarification.

Sarah Butler

Authorization Letter to Act on my Behalf (2)

When you are in your business trip, you can assign the responsibility to act on your behalf to one of your subordinates. This type of authorization letter should be written on the company's letter head.

Russell Morris
General Manager - Operations

10 June, 2010

Allan Becker
Manager - Operations

Dear Allan,

This letter is to authorize you to take necessary steps and act on my behalf with our client, M/s ABC Steel Pvt. Ltd.

You are assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Rate negotiation of the raw material
  • Mode and time of delivery
  • Getting discount with 60 days credit limit

This authorization will be in effect till I am back from my abroad trip.

Russell Morris

Sometimes, your schedule will not permit you to take care of the activities personally. In such a situation, you have to authorize someone who could finally take care and perform the job as per your expectation. These samples of authorization letters to act on your behalf are written for such purposes.

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