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Authorization Letter to Collect Certificate

Certificate is an important document and every one should possess and keep it with them for the rest of their life. It is an official document that affirms some fact related with a person. There are different types of certificates that are required on personal and professional level. Certificates such as birth, marriage, death, domicile, award, education, etc. are facts affirming about person's identity, marital status, permanent residence, achievements, and educational qualifications.


On a professional level, you will need an experience certificate and a reliving certificate. Experience certificate will prove that you have worked in an organization and you posses certain employable skills. Whereas, reliving certificate would help you in joining new organization for better opportunities.

You need to write an authorization letter to collect the certificate when some unavoidable circumstance stops you from collecting it on your own. For example, you may be out-of-town or country for your job or to attend some family event. In such a situation, you can authorize someone you trust to collect the certificate for you.

Authorization letter to collect the certificate is addressed to the concerned authority depending upon the type of document. If you are writing to collect your birth certificate, you have to address the letter to the Administrative Head of the Hospital, or the Office of Vital Records. For education related certificate, address the letter to the principal of the education department. Professional certificates like the experience and reliving certificate, you need to address it to the human resources department.

The authorization letter should clearly state the type of the certificate you are authorizing someone to collect it. It should state the name of the person you are appointing to collect it for you. The letter should include your identity as a student or employee depending on the type of certificate. The letter will also need you to prove some identification of the authorized person.

Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Certificate

Jacob A. Davis
3730 Kirby Dr, Ste 1200
Houston, TX 77098-3985
(713) XXX-6746

25 November, 2010

David G. Diaz
Head of the Academic Department
Congenial University
123 Sherman Street
Houston, TX 77098-1050

Subject: Authorization letter to collect certificate

Dear Diaz,

I have just graduated from your university with a BA (Hons) degree in creative writing. As I haven't collected my certificates for the same due to medical reason, I am hereby authorizing my sister, Marie A. Davis to collect my mark sheet and degree certificates on my behalf.

I am attaching my physician's medical statement proving my inability to collect it personally. In addition, find attached two photocopies each of my sister's student ID and her driving license.

I request you to hand over the certificates to my sister as I need it on an urgent basis for a professional purpose.

Thanking you in advance for your kind support.

Yours sincerely,
Jacob Davis

First, wait and try to collect the certificates personally considering the importance it holds in your life. If there is urgency and when the circumstances are stopping you from collecting them in person, then authorize some trusted person to collect it for you. This sample of authorization letter to collect the certificate does the same thing.

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