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Authorization Letter to Encash Check

In general terms, a cheque is a written order to the bank to pay the person, or company the amount specified on the cheque. When you hold an account in a bank, regardless of the type of account, the bank gives you a cheque book so that you can make use of it to pay for any of your obligations. You can write the date, name of the receiver, and the amount both in words and figures and sign it at the space provided for signature. However, the cheque will be honored only when you have sufficient funds in your account.


When you receive a cheque, you can encash it from the bank, even if you don't hold an account with them. All you have to do is to present some identification proof such as ID, driving license, credit card, social security number, etc. to the bank. This will assure the bank that you are the right person whom they have been instructed to pay the amount. As a fee, you will be required to pay a certain percentage of the cheque amount or the bank may charge you a certain flat rate.

When you are not able to encash the check personally due to some reason, you can authorize someone to encash it for you. You can write an authorization letter to the bank on which the cheque is drawn informing about the bearer of the letter being authorized to encash the cheque for you. The letter should include the name, contact number, and identification of the authorized person. It should include the reason for not being able to encash it personally.

Authorization Letter to Encash cheque (1)

Anne W. Vela
13601 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Ste 150
Tampa, FL 33613-4609
(813) XXX-3100

26 June, 2010

XYZ Bank
337 Lina Avenue
Tampa, FL 33613-4025

Subject: Authorization letter to encash check

Dear Manager,

A cheque of $700 is drawn on your bank by one of my clients, XYZ Company. As I am not in the town for a week, and due to the urgency of the money, I am hereby authorizing Mr. James Carter to encash it on my behalf.

To prove my identification along with Jame's, I am enclosing photocopies of a driving license and a passport for each of us. You may contact me, if you need any further details to identify the bearer of the cheque.

Yours truly,
Anne W. Vela

Authorization Letter to Encash cheque (2)

Patricia A. Peters
6991 Petten Curv
Memphis, TN 38133-4878
(901) XXX-2548

5 January, 2010

Some Bank
City, State, Zip Code

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize the bearer of this letter, Emma Thompson, to encash the cheque of $500 on my behalf as I have called in sick.

Enclosed are the ID, driving license photocopies of Emma Thompson and myself for identification.

Yours truly,
Patricia A. Peters

The cheque authorization letter needn't have to be long and lengthy. You can write it in two paragraphs at the most clearly stating the name of the authorized person to encash, and by enclosing a proof of identity.

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