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Authorization Letter to Sell Property

When you decide to sell your property, you can either appoint a real estate agency to sell it for you, or you can do it personally by finding the suitable prospective buyers. The benefit is higher when you sell the property on your own without any third-person involvement, while selling it through a real estate agency would cut some percentage of your earning as the agency would charge you commission for finding a suitable customer for you. The percentage of the commission may differ from state to state, and the area the property is being sold in.


Before selling a property, first decide why you want to sell it. Is it because you have been promoted by your company and you need to shift in another city to join your new post, or you just want to make money by selling it as you already have another property to live in. When you have gone through all the above factors, then try to gain a proper understanding of the area and the surrounding locality your property is situated in. The rates prevailing in the neighborhood of the property would help you to set a price of your property. It is also advisable to wait and watch the market trend since prices of the property are likely to rise as the time goes by.

Selling a property through a real estate agent is faster and a better option than sweating yourself for finding customers for the property. When you decide to sell it through the agency, you will need to write an authorization letter to authorize the agency to sell the property on your behalf. Your authorization letter will give a legal power to the agency in taking any decision related with your property. You should also instruct the agency about a base price of the property beyond which you will not sell it.

Authorization letter to sell property will include the name, address complete description of your property to be sold. The letter should include an expected price for the property.

Sample of Authorization Letter to Sell Property

Bobby E. Walker
1450 S Mountain View Blvd
Surprise, AZ 85374-1100
(623) XXX-4408

25 January, 2010

Subject: Authorization letter to sell property

To whom it may concern:

I, Bobby E. Walker, hereby authorize ABC Real Estate Agency to sell my apartment located at 2929 Tuner Hill Road.

The following is the description of my property:

Three Bedroom Apartments

  • 700 Square feet in size
  • Total 5 rooms (including bathroom)
  • All rooms are well ventilated

Apartments are well equipped with:

  • Automatic gas water heater
  • Modern kitchen appliances
  • Central heat and air conditioning

The base price set for the property is $XXXXX/-. The absolute deed sale number is XX-124589.

Yours truly,
Bobby E. Walker

Sometimes sales deed of the property can only be finalized with the help of the real estate agency because they are experienced with the formalities involved in selling the property. Moreover, they have easy access to the departments necessary to process the sale deeds.

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