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Free Authorization Letter Sample

The scope of writing an authorization letter is much broader. It is written for anything that you are not able to do personally, for some reason. You can write an authorization letter to authorize or to give power to someone you need to complete the task for you. It could be anything from authorizing a person to enter your home premises to do some plumbing, electric or gardening work. Alternatively, you can authorize a person to collect your important documents like passport, driving license, and birth certificate, check books, etc. When you attest your signature on the authorization letter, it carries some legal significance and helps the authorized person to complete the assigned work.


When you write an authorization letter, you should be specific in mentioning the name of the authorized person and the task assigned to be completed for you. It is written to the single person, some official department, company, school, or even college depending upon the need of writing. Generally, all types of authorization letters are short and contain a maximum two to three paragraphs. The language, tone, and wordings of authorization letters are simple, plain and formal. It is written with the intention to help the authorized person and the recipient of the letter to understand what is expected from them. Let's give you some free samples of authorization letters that you could use it instantly with slight modifications.

Free Authorization Letter Sample (1)

Evan J. Hacker
Sky Height Condos
3350 W Beach Side Road
Phoenix, AZ 75053-3804
(602) XXX-2337

20 September, 2010

Stanley Ballard
Society Security Supervisor

Subject: Authorization letter to take out sofa-cum-bed

Dear Ballard,

This letter is to authorize Mr. Andy Bichel from XYZ Furniture to take my sofa-cum-bed for repair work in my absence. The time and date allotted for this activity is on 22 September, 2010, morning 10 am.

I request you to allow the said person to do the needed activity.

Evan J. Hacker

Free Authorization Letter Sample (2)

Michelle J. Race
1025 E Capitol Avenue, Apartment 161
San Jose, CA 95100-2700
(408) XXX-4281

20 October, 2010

John A. Hyler
XYZ Garage
9047 Westminster Avenue
San Jose, CA 95108-3274

Subject: Authorization letter to perform work

Dear Hyler,

As per our telephonic discussion, I hereby authorize you to remove the dent from the rear of my 2008 Toyota Innova Car. I will drop my car at your garage on 24 October, 2010 at 10:00 am.

We have agreed for $200/- as an advance payment for the job, and the balance of $250, to be paid after completion. I hope you can return my vehicle in two days as agreed on the phone.

Michelle J. Race

If your reason for writing an authorization letter is similar to these samples of authorization letters, then go ahead and use it as it is all free for you. You just need to change the names and address as per your need.

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