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Parental Authorization Letter

Parental authorization letter is written for a number of purposes. It is meant to give permission to the child to go for a trip organized by the school, or give permission to the school to release their academic information to college or university. The authorization letter is also needed when someone is assigned to pick your child from the school. The school may also demand parent's authorization to engage the child in some volunteer services. Mostly, it is written for allowing the child to travel to another country when the parents are not accompanying the child.


As the name goes, the parental authorization letter is written by the parents. As the basic idea to write the letter is to give permission to your child, the letter should be clear and concise, to communicate to your intention to the reader. When you are writing the letter to give permission to your child to engage in some school related program, you should address it to the principal or head of the department. If the child needs a permission to go for a school trip, you should write it to the class teacher.

The parental authorization letter should contain the name of the addressee. For example, when you are writing to the teacher, you should address it "Dear Mr. Walker". It should mention about the event of the activity your child will be involved in. The date of the event or the activity should be given. When your child is involved in the event, you should also include any restrictions your child should abide by. Lastly, the letter should provide your contract information for the teachers to reach you out.

Parental Authorization Letter Sample

Rayne Eagen
115 Keymar Drive
York, PA 17402-9552
(717) XXX-3732

10 November, 2010

Dion Clammer
Class Teacher
Fairytale High School
York, PA 17404-6502

Subject: Authorization letter to attend sporting event

Dear Dion Clammer,

This letter is to give you my permission to take my son, Jarvis Eagen, to participate in the inter-school sporting events that are planned to hold from 20 November to 25 November, 2011 in the Angel High School of Atlanta's city.

I understand that you and the other staff will be there to take care of my son. However, I would like to inform you that Jarvis is not to eat fried food and the foods rich in fat (like pastas, burgers, ice creams, etc) during the stay, as it aggravates his indigestion and may need a medical attention.

If there is any type of injury or emergency during the sporting event, you may feel free to contact me at the above given number.

In the end, I would like to thank you for choosing Jarvis to participate in the event. I am sure he will do his best and will earn some accolades for himself and the school.

Yours sincerely,
Rayne Eagen

This sample of a parental authorization letter is written to give permission to the school to take the writer's child to participate in the sports event. If you are looking for something similar to write about your child, then use this sample by modifying it to the purpose of writing.

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