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Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Documents

A document is a piece of paper or set of paper containing official information. It is a mode to communicate facts, observation and information. It can be a set of instructions to the employees about a company policy, or even a manual of your credit card. Any facts written on a paper about a research, thesis or an event can be termed as a document.


When you are not able to collect your documents on your own, you may authorize a person to collect it on your behalf. The documents can be banking related papers like a cheque book, pass book, statement of accounts, your passport, school or college certificates or your driving license.

Authorization letter to collect documents is written depending upon the need of the document. Let's say if you need your bank documents, it is obvious to write the letter to the bank and not to the post office. It should be addressed to the concerned authority who deals in your types of documents.

The letter should contain yours and the receiver's contact information. It should state who the authorized person and what type of document he/she is eligible to collect. You also have to provide the person identification just to avoid my malpractices.

Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Documents (1)

Helen Miller
1243 Busy Street
Chicago, IL 45128-3978
(651) XXX-7895

10 December, 2010

Andrew Thompson
ABC Courier
'D' Wing, A Block, 10th Street
Chicago, IL 45128-7459

Subject: Delivery of documents

Dear Thompson,

I, the undersigned, Ms. Helen Miller, authorize Ms. Patricia Evans to receive all the documents bearing my name on my behalf.

I, therefore, request you to deliver all the documents to Ms. Patricia Evans with effect from receipt of this letter.

This authorization to collect documents will be effective until further written notice from me.

I am enclosing a signature specimen of Ms. Patricia Evans for your reference.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Helen Miller

Sample Authorization Letter to Collect Documents (2)

Nancy Parker
3315 Greenway Road
Phoenix, AZ 85042-9745
(301) XXX-8974

10 May, 2010

Daniel Moore
Head Post Master
121 Spring Garden Road
Phoenix, AZ - 85042-4125

Subject: Authorization to collect postal related documents

Dear Mr. Moore,

This letter is to authorize Ms. Donna Turner to collect all the journals, magazines, letters, etc. that are connected with me on my behalf. My postal account number is XX-12457896 and my SSN (Social Security Number) is XXB-124578936.

Please consider my request and allow Ms. Donna Turner to collect the documents in my absence. I have attested a specimen signature of her to serve as identification at the time of collecting documents.

I am reachable at the above given number in case of any assistance.

Your sincerely,
Nancy Parker

Documents are an important piece of paper both personally and professionally. Before giving authority to someone to collect your documents, make sure the person is worthy and capable enough to preserve your document and hand it back to you.

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