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Sample of Authorization Letter to Claim

Claim is something you believe you have a right to. You can claim your package lying in a courier office, documents to some institute, cheque book, ATM card to a bank, and insurance payment to the insurance company, or your retirement benefits to the company you served. If you are not able to claim for any of these things in person, you can authorize someone on your behalf to claim. Let's take a look on few samples of claim.


Authorization Letter - Insurance Payment

Craig M. Knoll
29426 Christiana Way
Atlanta, GA 30349-4057
(949) XXX-7928

20 February, 2011

Kelli T. Ward
Head of Claim Department
Full Benefits Insurance Corporation Ltd.
565 Atlanta South Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30349-5958

Subject: Authorization letter to claim insurance payment

Dear Ward,

My life insurance policy with your corporation has matured on 5 February, 2011. The policy number is LI-12457896. As I am not able to come down personally to claim the payment because of my ill-health, I, therefore, authorize my brother, Mikel M. Knoll to claim the same from your company on my behalf.

I am sending my insurance paper with Mikel. You can also find a photocopy of Mikel's driving license and a sample of his signature attached with this letter.

I am available at my contact number for any help you need.

Yours sincerely,
Craig M. Knoll

Authorization letter for claiming retirement benefits

Ruth D. Hanson
11033 S Aviation Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-621
(310) XXX-6081

10 March, 2011

Carol R. Chambers
Accounts Manager
Polite Services Inc.
3655 Millbranch Road
Manhattan Beach, CA 90160-620

Subject: Authorization letter for claiming retirement benefits

Dear Chambers,

I am Ruth D. Hanson. I have worked in your organization as a machine operator for seven years, and I got retired on 1st March, 2011.

I am writing this letter to authorize Mr. Lamont Alongi, a present employee of your organization and a friend of mine, to claim my retirement benefits and act on my behalf.

I understand that your organization will not be held responsible for loss, if any, arising from the failure to deliver me the benefit by the authorized person.

Yours sincerely,
Ruth D. Hanson

Authorization letter to claim a package

Jacob C. Race
1033 S Capitol Ave, Apt 161
San Jose, CA 95133-2729
(408) XXX-4281

15 January, 2011

Ned N. Grau
FastTrack Couriers
9225 Mira Mesa Blvd, Ste 103
San Jose, CA 95133-2010

Subject: Authorization letter to claim a package

Dear Grau,

I got a call from your office informing me about the arrival of the package in my name. As I am busy with my business meetings, I am authorizing my friend, Cristobal Sinegal to claim the package on my behalf from your office.

I am enclosing photocopies of my identity card and driving license along with this letter. In addition, I am also attesting a signature of Cristobal for your reference. He will also provide any additional identification you need at the time of collecting the package.

If you have any question about the identity of the bearer of this letter, you can call me at the above given number.

Yours sincerely,
Jacob C. Race

These were few samples of authorization letters for a claim. You can use any one of these letters as a sample to help you claim for anything you have a right to.

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