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Sample of Authorization Letter to Process Documents

Every organization has a process that is set for the smooth running of their business. The organization makes sure that every single employee working with them is well-informed and they document all the processes. Proper documentation of the process helps to avoid any miscommunication in the business. A proper planning is all that is required to make a process effective. It is the process that lays the responsibilities on each of the organization employees as per their skills and designation.


To achieve a particular result every document has to go through a process. Say, for example, you have applied for opening an account in the bank. You have to submit some relevant documents that would help in opening the account. The bank will then go through the process and then you will have your account opened in the bank. The process of documents may take a day or a week depending on the process adopted by each bank.

Same way, when you apply for a passport, you need to have a proper documentation. The documents can be your birth certificate, valid driver's license, photograph, social security number, etc. Fill the application form and submit it to the passport agency along with the documents to that your passport can be processed.

The bank and passport are just two examples where your documents have to go through a certain process. The other types of personal documents that need to be processed are postal, insurance policy, real estate, school/college certificates, driving license, etc. From an organization's point of view, it could be for import, export, payment collection, purchasing, etc.

All these types of documents need time to process. Sometimes you have to be there physically in order to expedite the processing. If your appointments are not allowing you to fulfill the formalities involved in the documentation processing, you may assign or authorize your deputy, friend, relative or anyone you think capable of performing the job.

For this, you have to write an authorization letter informing the reader that the authorized person is designated for any assistance in completing the documents process.

Well, now it's enough said about document and process, let's find out a sample of an authorization letter to process documents.

Sample Authorization Letter

Ross R. McClain
337 Lina Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501-5468
(510) XXX-3021

5 May, 2010

Kenneth B. Unger
All People Bank
1380 Barstow Rd
Barstow, CA 92311-4944
(760) XXX-9502

Subject: Authorization to process my official documents

Dear Kenneth B. Unger,

I am Ross R. McClain. On 20 April, 2010, I have applied for a home loan in your bank to buy a home in one of the highly sought after locality in California. I have submitted all the relevant documents that were required to process in loan sanctioning.

I have been informed by your home loan department that in order to process the document, I have to pay a visit to your bank on 15 May, 2010. As I will be out of station on the asked period, I am writing this authorization letter to authorize my brother, Cryil R. McClain will assist you in the processing of the documents. This authority letter also confers the right for signing any documents on my behalf. A specimen signature of Cyril R. McClain in enclosed for future reference.

In case of emergency, you can call me on my cell.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Ross R. McClain

An authorization letter for processing documents needn't have to be long. You can express your message in one or two paragraph at the most like the sample given above.

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