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Vehicle Authorization Letter

Vehicle authorization letter is very important, especially when you are driving a vehicle that is not registered in your name. It is also needed to have a check on motor vehicle theft that is occurring on a daily basis throughout the country. Possessing a vehicle authorization letter serves as a proof that the owner of the vehicle is aware and it is as per his/her consent the vehicle is driven by other people.


Let's find out when vehicle authorization letter is needed:

  • When you have to transfer the ownership of your vehicle
  • When you want to authorize someone to pick up your vehicle from police custody
  • When the vehicle is not registered in the name of person driving the vehicle
  • To have someone else pick up your vehicle for you

When you are planning to transfer ownership of the vehicle, you will need a clear title. If you have purchased the vehicle from a bank loan, then you must obtain an authorization letter from the bank that states that you have re-paid the loan amount and the bank has no objection with transfer of the ownership. Or else, the buyer of the vehicle would find it difficult to register the vehicle on his name.

When your driving license is suspended due to some offence committed by you, and when you are still driving the vehicle, the traffic police may impound your vehicle. Your vehicle will be released after on or after 30 days of impound, or when you get your license reinstated.

Sometimes your friend or relative may borrow your vehicle for few days for their own personal use. Since they are not the registered owners of the vehicle, you have to write an authorization letter to authorize them to drive your vehicle. This will help them to clear the doubts of the traffic personnel that the vehicle is not stolen.

When you need someone to pick up the vehicle for you, you need to write an authorization letter that would include the make, model, license number, vehicle registration number, and the license number of the authorized person. The authorized person would also require a copy of the vehicle ownership, insurance copy and a valid identification.

Now, as we have seen the need of a vehicle authorization letter, let's find out a sample letter for the same.

Vehicle Authorization Letter Sample

Anne C. Staley
2050 Cartwheel Avenue
Camden, NJ 06105-224
(856) XXX-5786

10 February, 2011

Subject: Authorization letter to use vehicle

To whom it may concern:
I, the undersigned, am a registered owner of Honda CR-V bearing registration number XYZ-6364, registered in the state of New Jersey. The car is insured by FastTrack Insurance Company. The vehicle insurance policy number is HCR-0124-5369-8000.

I, hereby authorize Mr. Jarvis Hacker, a friend of mine, to use my vehicle for his use as he will be going to New York State from 15 February to 10 March, 2011.

Attached herewith are:

  • Copy of my driving license, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration papers
  • Copy of Jarvis Hacker driving license, passport, contact information

I am attesting my signature to confirm my authorization.

Yours truly,
Anne C. Staley

As mentioned before, you may need to write a vehicle authorization letter for various reasons. This sample vehicle authorization letter is written to authorize your friend to use your vehicle for his/her use.

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