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Break Up Letter Sample

Breaking up in a relationship is the hardest and painful experience that one goes through. Whatever is the reason, it breaks both the partners from inside. But as it said that everything has its end, you have to accept this bitter truth. Sometimes, breaking up may just give you an opportunity to introspect and turn over a new leaf. However, it is important to break up in an elegant manner. Though, SMS and email can serve your purpose, you should better resort to write a break up letter since texting or sending email may seem a bit harsh to do so.


Writing a break up letter is easy and not time-consuming. It gives you a chance to say all those things which you can't do it verbally. Break up letter should politely contain the reasons for ending up the relationship. Here is a sample of break up letter written to depart on a good note.

Break Up Letter Sample

Dear Jenny,

I am sorry to say that it's time to walk separately on our paths. I did all on my part to salvage this relationship, but you were just ignorant about it, the reason is well-known to you. Let me admit it honestly, you weren't the help I thought you'd be. I wanted you to be my friend and make me laugh off the nervousness away. I needed you to share every tiny bit of me with you. You were just lost in your own thoughts.

Well, when god closes one door, he opens another. It did happen with me. When you were kind of losing interest in me, I met this girl called, Kylie. In her, I saw the things which I was expecting from you. She has very good quality that a man dreams to have in his wife. She makes me feel wanted. She cares for me and wants to spend her life with me. Even here, you played all your tricks to manipulate her. This has really made me angry. And not to mention, you failed badly. It was all your fault and the need would not have arisen if you had been kind and loving.

I will not be biased in saying that you did everything on your part to make me happy. But that wasn't enough. I, on the other hand poured all my heart on you. I went out-of-the- way to help you do well in your singing career. I thought you are a matured girl and together we can play the same tune. But for you, your career is first than anything else. I agree, everyone should be career-oriented, but not up to that extent to turn blind towards other's necessity.

Jenny, please don't consider this as a war between you and Kylie. It never was and it is not that way. You were my first love and I have a deep regard for it. However, time has made me realized that I am not meant for you and we can just be good friends. I have found my new love and I wish you the same. Somewhere, there will always be a place for you in my heart and you can count on me if you need any sorts of help.

Let's keep this friendship thing going and do drop a dime in between.

With Love,

This break up sample letter reflects the real situation the writer has gone through and he has conveyed it in a decent manner with a hope to be friends forever.

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