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Break up Letter to Boyfriend

When you fall in love with someone, you start dreaming. Love forces you to see and imagine all impossible things. If the love is for your boyfriend, you start dreaming about a life with him and see him as a future husband. You share and enjoy every bit of the moment spent with him. However, suddenly something goes wrong and it leads to a break up. The reason could be anything and the breaking up becomes necessary. Since your boyfriend is someone with whom you had few of your good moments, you should break up with him by writing a break up letter. Here is a sample of break up letter to boyfriend that you can customize as per your reason of breaking up.


Sample of Break up Letter to Boyfriend

My dear Benny,

It is very unfortunate for me to write this letter to inform you that I want to break up with you. This is not something which I have expected for our relationship, but circumstances have made me to take this decision. I know, it would be very difficult for both of us to come out of this agony of separation. But nothing could have been done other than going for separation.

Benny, as you know, since my childhood I had a dream to become a model and for that I have to leave this town and shift to London. I want you to join me, but I know you won't leave your job and family back here.

Benny, you are a nice person; simple yet graceful and that is why I love you. You impressed me with your simplicity and honey the first time we met. We got along very well and fall in love. We made many promises together and dreamed about our future married life; one of the promises among them was not to live without each other.

However, I think we misjudged the limitations of our relationship. You are a man with golden heart for whom feelings and emotions matters most, whereas I am a practical sort of person. You are little less when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities and gets satisfied with what you earn. I want to live the life to the fullest and for that we need to think big and earn big. And I can achieve all this through my modeling career. I really want to make my mark in the glamour world and be a star.

Dear, I will never forget the grateful moments spent with you. Though the span was less than two years, still it would last forever in my heart. I am going to miss everything about you. The way you speak, the way you help others and your sense of humor. But, please understand that these qualities are not enough to lead a comfortable life. And for me comfort is everything I want in my life. Let us stop our relationship and give it a new form of friendship. I really don't want to hurt you, but if I had done so, please forgive me.

Your friend,


You should maintain a cordial relationship even if you break the relationship with your boyfriend. Writing a break up letter to your boyfriend helps to achieve this and explain him the reasons for a break up.

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