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Break up Letter to Girlfriend

Every relationship in life has to be taken care of. You should treat it like a flower and water them daily with compassion and love. Then only it flourishes to the maximum and gives more benefits in terms of love and happiness. Similarly, the same principle applies to a girlfriend and a boyfriend relationship. In fact, this relationship is more delicate and sensitive. This is the foundation for building up the future life.


Few are lucky enough to carry their relationship till the end of their lives. In a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, something comes up after certain period of time. The reasons could be dishonestly, misunderstanding, lack of interest, or prominence to career, etc. Such types of reason flame break up.

You should end your relationship in a graceful manner by writing a break up letter to your girlfriend in simple and clear words. Writing a break up letter helps you to contemplate all your thoughts and express it in words. The tone of the letter shouldn't be harsh or rude. It should justify the reason for the break up and should express gratitude for some good moments spent together.

Sample of Break up Letter go Girlfriend

My dear Mary,

Yes, I will always have the liberty to call you dear. In fact, you are and will always remain dear to me. Anyway, the reason to write this letter is the realization that it is not practical on our part to continue our relationship. My words will hurt like an arrow shot from the bow, but very soon you will realize my decision will benefit both of us.

I knew about your ambition to become a model and I appreciate your determination to achieve it. After all, you have all the qualities to be one and rule the glamour world. I am a simple man and for me my family matters the most. And I can't leave them and join you to be in a new place.

Mary, I was drawn towards you because of your beauty and you liked my simplicity. We got along very well and didn't even realize when we fall in love. We took vows, shared many good things and started dreaming about getting into a married life. We even concluded not to live without each other. It's hardly been two years since we met, but let me tell you that I lived my whole life in this short span.

However, as every good thing has a shorter life, our relationship too had one. We had few conflicts for the past few months about giving preference to career or family. I know very soon you will be earning a good amount of money and I will be with a meager income. This will again mount to the ego problem between us. And I don't want to spoil our lives in fighting and quarreling about these issues.

I will remain grateful to you for whatever you taught me and shared with me. I pray to God to give you the strength to do well in career. Let us face the fact that we had limitations in our relationship and stop this here and just be good friends.

With love,


Whatever is the reason for a break up, you should never blame anyone and end your relationship in a mutual and cordial understanding.

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