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Dear John Break up Letter

Any relationship whether it is pre-marriage or after marriage should be given due respects and nurtured carefully to enjoy its fruit for a longer period of life. However, something comes up in between without our knowledge, and it just leads to break up.


While breaking up, writing a break up letter is always recommended by many experts who had been through a break up. There is no name for a break up letter, but it does have one, especially when it is written to a husband or boyfriend by a wife or girlfriend to inform the end of their relationship. Such letters are called 'Dear John Break up Letter.' The reason to write this letter arises if the writer finds another love. Given here is one such sample of break up letter.

Sample of Dear John Break up Letter

Dear David,

I am confused about how to put it straight and upright. Anyway, I am writing this to inform that I want to end our marriage relationship which we enjoyed for the last four years. I want to give priority to some aspects of my life. I know you love me and will accept my decision of parting-off.

I really enjoyed being with you all this year. You are so gentle and nice that I truly don't want to let you go. You took all the essential care as a husband takes for his wife. You were very kind to accept my decision of not having kids for at least five years. The list is endless about your good qualities.

We often have some hidden feelings inside us, which waits for something to take it out. I too had one to become a model. But I gave up after our marriage as we were quite happy with our lives. However, recently I met this guy called, Brain. I found him to be a very co-operative and lively person. I am sorry for disclosing it to you so late.

Brian had seen some talent and quality in me which he thinks I can explore it in modeling. He is from a well-off family and is ready to take care of all the expenses in making my portfolio. He is having a good experience in managing events and running a public relation agency. But at first, I will have to shift to Paris and be there until I finally get a start in modeling. Brian will take care of everything. I have to admit that I have fallen in love with him. I know it will be very painful for you to hear this.

I am really sorry to leave you in lurch and be with Brian, since he is the one who is going to shape my future to a new level. I request you not to get angry with me and take care. You are a good person and god takes care of all such people.

Good-bye my love,


This sample of Dear John Letter is written by an unhappy wife to her husband. This type of letter is generally written to hold oneself responsible for breaking up the relationship and praising the reader for their goodness.

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