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Sample Break up Letter to Girlfriend

When breaking up with your girlfriend, you should write it candidly and politely expressing your regret for the break up with a proper explanation that summed up for the break up. The words in your break up letter should make the reader feel sorry about what they have done and create a place for future consideration of coming back. Just go through the samples given here and find some help if you've decided to break off.


Sample of Break up Letter to Girlfriend (1)

Dear (Name of Reader),

This was a real acid-test to test my patience. I tried my best not to come to this situation, but nothing came to my rescue. With lots of pain in my heart, I am writing this letter to end our relationship. Nothing is hidden from us, so there is no use about lamenting on split milk.

You seemed to be so perfect in the beginning, and I blindly believed that together we can build our dream house. I even over-looked few of the suggestions from my friends. In a life, time plays an important role and now I've realized after three years that we're not meant for each other. I don't want to point things about you as you are perfect in every way, but somehow just not right for me.

I will miss you, there isn't any doubt about it. But I know that you're quite matured and move on and find someone who can give everything that makes you happy. I just can't stand conditions in a relationship. I am sure there must be someone who can stand tall in your terms of preferences.

In the end, I wish you all the best for your future. Just don't bother yourself by straining your mind about my decision. It's I who am not that worth and nothing is wrong with you.

Love always,
(Writer's Name)

Sample of Break up Letter to Girlfriend (2)

Dear (Reader's Name),

I am writing this to end our relationship as I can't take your extra possessive jealousy anymore. A relationship without trust can't go too far. You don't trust me even though I didn't give you any reason for mistrust. You have this abnormal tendency to mistrust others. And let me tell you, this tendency of yours will harm you for your entire life.

You should understand that my job demands meeting and interacting with different people and that includes females too. It's not something I am doing on my will. I have been trained and paid by my company for this work and to increase our client database. I can't understand what made you to tap my phones, search my drawers, blazers and everything I carry. This hurts me as I deserved some privacy and never ever do this thing to you.

I am fed up with your behavior and I see no point in discussing and talking to these issues. I know you're not going to change and before we enter a marriage relationship, we should end it here itself. I hope you got the message clear.

Yours sincerely,

(Writer's Name)

These sample break-up letters to girlfriend will help you to put your thoughts straight and clear. Go ahead and use them by customizing according to your reasons for the break up.

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