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Sweet Break up Letter

A break up letter is written to communicate your thoughts about the relationship to call it as an end. It is written by any girl, boy, man or woman who had been in relationship with someone. Break up letter is the easiest tool to communicate bad news to the reader. It can be polite, harsh, rude, perfect, or sweet depending upon how it is written. A sweet break up letter is one that allows the reader to accept the fact without much pain and effort.


Writing a break up letter is painful for both the writer and the reader since it will be an indication of cutting away all the ties and to be on different paths. Before writing it, think carefully if this is what you really want. Break up letter can sometimes spoil your future chances of a new relationship if the letter lands up in the wrong hands. They may use it to defame your reputation among your social circle. Hence it is very important to consider the future prospect and to write in a sweet manner to bring one last smile on the reader's face or even to stop the break up.

Sample of Sweet Break up Letter

Dear Betty,

Let me explain to you about the misunderstanding that cropped between us few days ago. I tried to justify my stance, but you were least bothered and you didn't even respond to my call for last two days. I just can't relate that to our breaking up. It wasn't a serious matter and we could have solved it peacefully.

We had already discussed about your new job that you got in New Jersey. I knew you wanted to move to New Jersey. I just got emotional about your moving out and you thought the other way. It's not that I am not happy with your promotion, but the thought of you staying far away from me made me crazy. I tried to explain it to you, but you were flying high on your new promotion.

Baby, I just can't miss you and stay without you. I need you here and if you want, I will work extra to bring more money home. I am happy with what you are contributing and will never ever complain about it. I will accept you even if you decide to quit your job and stay at home. But I guess, you are more committed towards your career and I agree with you.

Dear, just come back to me and let's work towards something materialistic. I don't believe that the distance can dim the spark in our relationship. I am sorry for over-reacting on that day. Please, let's talk about it again and bring up some solution that could benefit our relationship.

Give me a call, I really need to talk with you. Our life is yet to begin and there is still a lot to share in it. This is just a minor misunderstanding and let' us not make this the reason for our break up.

I will be waiting anxiously for your call.


Break up are often unbearable and usually takes longer time to come out of it. If you could avert it by writing a break up letter, then surely it will be the sweet break up letter.

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