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Cancellation Letter

Cancellation is a decision to stop something that has been arranged from taking place and a letter is a written message from one party to another. In short, a cancellation letter is a written communication to stop or terminate something from happening. The purpose of cancellation letters is not new to all of us and needs no specifications. However, cancellation letters are written for different purposes under different circumstances.


In today's business world, every deal has been done after entering into some sort of contract with mutual understanding. These deals are often finalized through proper paper work and communication, which are done via email of through letters. Hence there are many types of letters written in the business world, cancellation letter is one of them. Cancellation Letter

Few of the common instances where you will need to write a cancellation letter are:

  • When you entered into some sort of contract with any service provider and you want to call it an end, you have to write a cancellation letter.
  • When you rent a flat, apartment or plot, you have to a sign a contract with the owner that is laid out as per the law, and then you decide to end the contract before the stipulated period as per the contract, you need to write a cancellation letter.
  • If you want to cancel your credit card, insurance, account, internet service, etc, cancellation letter solves your purpose.

A cancellation letter is a business document and is important in canceling any subscriptions, membership, etc. Usually companies require a phone call on their tool-free customer care number for a cancellation request, but it is important to post it in written from just to avoid any misunderstanding. Moreover, it is a written proof that could be produced in court for any legal procedure, in case something goes wrong.

In a business world, there are certain terms and conditions to be followed. However, sometimes those are ignored by business people purposely or without any knowledge. If these behaviors are not sorted out with proper talk, then finally it leads to the termination of the contract which is done through writing cancellation letter.

Since a cancellation letter is a business document, it should be written in a professional format. The tone of the cancellation letter is kept simple and polite to keep the future possibilities of getting into a contract.

Through all this we conclude that a cancellation letter is written to bring an end to some contract, agreement, subscription, etc. However, there are certain rules and condition to be followed while writing a cancellation letter, which we will see in detail in our next article.

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