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Course Cancellation Letter

We join a course to gain some knowledge and experience in our interested field. We make all the preparation with lots of excitement to get enroll in the course. We go through all sorts of research in finding the best educational institute, college, or university. Somehow, we even manage to get an admission for the course. However, after enrollment, we come to know that all the praises and testimonials that were marketed were nothing more than just an eye wash. This type of situation raises our anxiety to get out of the course as we find our money, time and energy going down the wrong way.


As most of the educational institute makes you to pay for the course at the time of enrollment, it becomes very difficult to cancel the course and get back your fees. This makes you to run from pillar to post in convincing the authority for your fee's refund. You may also need to write a course cancellation letter stating the reason for opting to get out of the course.

Course Cancellation Letter Sample

Student's Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number
Email Address


Name of Reader
Name of the Institute/College
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Cancellation Letter for 'Advanced Journalism' course.

Dear (insert name of the reader),

This is to bring to your attention about your training course on 'Advanced Journalism', which has started from (insert date). I joined this course to upgrade my skills in journalism which I need in my job at a local newspaper.

Your brochure and advertisement stated that the training course includes 40 hours of lecture and 20 hours of hand-on field experience. All was going well till the initial couple of hours of training. I also found the speakers competent and knowledgeable in parting and sharing his experiences with students. However, the speakers started arriving late and the sessions were cut short. They were also reluctant to answer any questions raised by the students.

In light of this unprofessional and unethical behavior, I wish to cancel my course from your institute. I have paid the fee of $XXX, an amount that is not worth the training I got. I request you to reimburse my payment immediately.

If you need any details, please inform me either on my email address or call me on my number.

Yours sincerely,
(Writer's Name)

First of all, it's not easy to get back the fees once paid. You should negotiate with the admission authority or ask them to provide some better option that would help you to complete your course.

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