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Credit Card Cancellation Letter Template

Credit card cancellation letter is written either by the card holder or by the credit card authority to close a credit card. The letter has to be written in the proper business format clearly indicating the intention of the letter. It should mention the credit card number, account number and the cancellation date.


Canceling a credit card on the holder's part is a good way to get rid from the burden of owing money to others. Either way, the letter has to mention the reason for closing the card. The letter has to be short and clear with a direct message in polite and soft tone. Let's find out the right format to draft a credit card cancellation letter.

Credit Card Cancellation Letter Template

  • Writer's Information
    Writer's Name
    City, State, Zip Code
    Contact Number
  • Date
  • Receiver's Information
    Receiver's Name
    Bank Name
    City, State, Zip Code
  • Subject - Cancellation of credit card number XXXX XXXX XXXX
  • Salutation
    Dear Mr./Mrs. with last name
  • Body of Letter
    This should not be more than three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you should clearly mention the reason for writing the letter. It should be simple, accurate and brief. For example, "I am writing this letter with an intention to cancel my credit card with your bank within 30 days from receipt of this letter".
    In the second paragraph, write the reason of closing in few simple sentences. For example, "I have come to this conclusion due to some personal reasons or want to cut down my expenses". You should mention the details about any payment you owe or have done recently.
    In the third paragraph, thank the bank for the services provided and request them a confirmation letter to keep the record with you. For example, "I want to thank you for the services provided and I don't have any complaint against you. The reason of closing the card is solely personal. I request your immediate action and a written confirmation for card closure".
  • Close the letter with "Yours sincerely," or "Yours truly".

As we have seen the template for writing a credit card cancellation letter, let's provide you an actual sample for the same.

Sample of Credit Card Cancellation Letter

Cindy Brown
112 Eubank Boulevard Southeast
Albuquerque, NM 52698
(103) 125-3333

December 10, 2010

Lara Walker
Customer Service Manager
ABC Bank
2401 South Canal Street
Carlsbad, NM 12389

Subject: Cancellation of Credit Card.

Dear Ms. Walker,

I wish to cancel my credit card with your bank from January 1, 2011. My credit card number is XXXX 1245 8956. The expiry date engraved on the card is 12 December, 2017. I am holding this card from October 4, 2006.

I found your service very satisfactory and prompt. The reason to close the card is purely personal.

Please inform me about any additional charges I owe you. I will issue a cheque for the same on your bank's name. I would appreciate a written acknowledgement and confirmation about closing my credit card. I request you to keep posted all the other credit card bureaus that this card was closed on my request.

Thank you for your services and time. I am awaiting an immediate response to this letter.

Yours truly,

Cindy Brown

With this template and sample of a credit card cancellation letter, we are sure you could definitely be able to write your own cancellation letter.

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