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Leave Cancellation Letter

Leave letter is generally written to get permission to be absent from office for a stipulated period of time. It is something which is taught to us right from our school days. Whenever we remain absent from school or want to take a leave due to some family problem, or to attain a family function, we have to write a leave application letter. As we grow and join some company for work, we have to follow the old-school method of writing the leave application letter.


We often slog our life out to be in the race of competition to gain a source of survival, but sometimes it becomes essential to take a break to rejuvenate ourselves to raise the performance level a bit higher. Of course, we need to abide by the leave policies of the company we are working for.

However, even after a proper planning, we need to sometimes cancel our leave. Since to take the permission for leave, we have to write a letter, same has to be done while canceling a leave. Writing a leave cancellation letter is easy and will be accepted by your employer with open arms.

Leave Cancellation Letter Sample

Employee's Name


Authority Name
Name of Organization
Address (Include City, State, Zip Code)

Subject: Letter for Cancellation of Leave

Dear (Reporting Head),

You have granted me the permission to remain absent from my office work for 30 days starting from (insert date) till (insert date). But due to some personal problem and change in the plan, I wish to cancel my leave for the allotted period.

I would like to inform you that I may need the leave after few months which I will be intimating you well in advance.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
(Employee's Name)

This is just an example of an employee canceling his/her leave. Sometimes, a leave cancellation letter can also be written by your employer denying permission to go on leave. Let's find out one such sample letter.

Leave Cancellation to Employee

Authority Name


Employee's Name
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Letter canceling the requested leave

Dear (employee's name),

This is with reference to your leave letter requesting for the permission to remain absent from work for 30 days from (insert date). I regret to inform you that the management is not in a position to grant you leave because of the work load.

We have to meet certain requirements of our clients in that period. I may request you to take the leave after completion of the pending orders of our clients.

I hope you understand the situation we are going through and am sure that you will cooperate whole heartedly.

Thanking you,
(Authority's Name)

These samples of leave cancellation letters are written from both the employee and employer's point of view. If you are any one of those, then these samples will solve your purpose.

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