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Service Cancellation Letter

For business and personal use, we take services from many different service providers. To enjoy the services, we enter in an agreement, where we pay the agreed charges for whatever period the contract is signed for. Sometimes we have to cancel the contract due to some personal reasons or because the service provider didn't provide good services. The contract automatically comes to an end if we complete the entire period, and if we decide to cancel it prior to the agreed period, we have to write a service cancellation letter.


Service cancellation letter is written to cancel any types of services such as cable service, mobile or internet services, insurance policy, lawn care, or water purification services. Writing a service cancellation letter intimates the service provider well in advance to make the necessary arrangement to cancel the service from the intended date. This letter also serves a notice period for cancellation.

Sample of Service Cancellation Letter (1)

Bob Davis
22 High Street
New Town, Myland - 12359

12 April, 2010

Max Payne
ABC Solar Heater
Service Road
New Town, Myland - 12359

Subject: Cancellation of Solar Water Heater Service

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you about our decision to cancel the 'Solar Water Heater Service'. I have been your regular customer for past four years. I am fully satisfied with the service provided by your company. I and my family have enjoyed a warm water bath without any interruption till the date.

The reason to withdraw the service is because we are shifting to our newly purchased apartment in other part of the city. If the things are settled after some period, I will definitely call you back to avail your service.

You can find out from our record that I have made all the payments and hence there are no dues are pending on me. I am enclosing a copy of the last month's payment receipt. You can remove the water heater units anytime as per your convenience on or after 12 May, 2010. This will also fulfill the notice period of 30 days.

Please send me a written confirmation as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Davis

Enclosure: copy of payment receipt

Sample of Service Cancellation Letter (2)

Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number


Name of Recipient
Name of the Company
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Cancellation of Cable Service. Customer Ref: ABC123

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this written notice for canceling your cable services effective from (insert date). The reason to write this letter is because of the ongoing repair work of our building. The work will last for at least three months, and hence, we won't be in a position to avail the service.

I am satisfied with your services and hope to continue if once the things are settled. All the payments on my part have been done till the date. You can remove your cable whenever it is possible for you. Better if you remove it at the earliest.

Please send an acknowledgment of this letter. This will help both of us to keep the record of the cancellation. You can call me at my given number to fix an appointment for the removal of the cable.

Yours truly,
(Writer's Name)

These samples are just for two common services we avail regularly. If you are enjoying some other kind of service and wish to cancel it for one or other reason, these samples of service cancellation letters would help you to write yours.

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