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Telephone Cancellation Letter

Telephone has become the necessity of every household. It helps us to be in touch with our near and dear ones. Moreover, it is very easy to get a telephone connection for home. There are number of companies that provide this service. The most prominent among those are AT&T, Vonage, Verizon, and Comcast.


Before getting a telephone connection, you should first think why you need the home phone for. Do you need for local calling or to call long distance? Or you want to connect your phone line with your internet connection. There are different plans offered by the telecom companies. Before signing up for any plan, a thorough research is compulsory to avoid any regret thereafter. Your service providers will lure you to purchase an expensive plan, but you should be firm on what you want and what the charges, they will charge you are.

Everything goes well after getting the connection. The problem arises when you get the bill. You realize that the telecom company has charged you for something you have never asked nor used. Then you start the complaining procedure against the bill issued, which involves frequent visits to their offices. Finally, you start to regret the decision for getting a telephone connection and find a way to cancel it.

Though you can cancel the telephone connection by making a call to your service provider, it is still better to write a telephone cancellation letter so that you are never charged after the disconnection, and even if they do, you can produce a proof by keeping a copy of the cancellation letter with you. If you are still wondering about how to write a cancellation letter, just go through the sample letter given here and get an idea.

Telephone Cancellation Letter Sample

Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number


Receiver's Name
Name of Service Provider

Subject: Cancellation Letter for Telephone Connection

Dear Mr. (insert name),

This is to inform you that I want to cancel the telephone connection of my home from the end of this month. I have been facing problems with the bill for last few months. I have contacted the service department for number of times but I got nothing apart from assurance. I knew about the charges and I take all the care to use the telephone only under some emergency cases. However, in spite of being so careful in using the phone, I am still getting an exorbitant bill.

I also suspect some misuse of my phone from your own department as your people can easily sneak in anyone's connection. Dealing with your customer service for past few months, I am now well educated to understand how your company is fleecing the customers. You have every trick in your sleeve to make a profit the wrong way.

Please accept this letter and confirm it with a written acknowledgement. Also, make an arrangement to credit the deposited amount for connection in my saving account no. (account number). I am awaiting a favorable response from you.

Thanking you in advance.
Yours truly,
(Writer's Name)

If your service provider is too rapacious, it is better to cancel the telephone connection than lowering your bank balance. This sample letter of telephone cancellation is a perfect answer for those suffering in the hands of telephone service providers.

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