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Character Letter

Character plays an important role in a person's life. Character is the quality that makes someone's personality. It shows what a person is capable of and what standing or reputation he holds in the society. It is the feature that helps to distinguish a person even in the midst of the crowd.


Character is something which affects you right from your childhood. It shapes you as a person and shows the society your skills and good qualities and what you are capable of. You can inherit it from your parents as they are the primary character-building force in your life, or you can imbibe it through your teachers from school education. You can set an example for others and make the society a safe and happy place to live if you possess a distinctive character. Your words, value or actions are only because of the character you portray and it is what that makes your destiny.

When you step out into the world of realism, you need some kind of assistance or an initial push to help you in achieving your goals. For example, when you apply for a job, passport, bank account, etc., you will be asked for a recommendation letter, reference letter or a character letter that can prove your honesty, trustworthiness and clean personality

Character letter is carefully written to communicate information about a person's skills and/or character. Generally, they are intended to verify qualifications and qualities. It is written by someone who is known in the society and holds a public standing. Employment-related reference or character letter is written by an employer who knows a person's skills as well as something about his relevant character trait.

Other than employment, you will need a character letter, when you are applying for a child's custody, or looking forward to adopting a child, or summoned by the court because of some petty or major offence that is committed by you, or when you need a membership in some club or society. This letter will show and prove your worthiness as a person.

Character letter can also be written by a friend or a family member. It is less formal than an employment or academic letter. It may or may not be written to a specific person, and may either be mailed to the recipient by the writer or hand-delivered by the applicant at the time of need.

To sum up, we can say that a character letter is a reflection of your qualities and personality that gives an overview about your thinking capacity and your reputation in a society.

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